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Treatments to relax and revive, from head to toe.

We offer an extensive range of treatments from around the world including a wide choice of therapies drawing on ancient philosophies and modern techniques.

Mandarin Oriental Signature Spa Therapies - Signature

DURATION 1 h 50 m
Mandarin Oriental’s signature spa therapies have been designed to address guests’ increasing desire for simple, effective and authentic spa experiences. Developed in consultation with specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and master Aromatherapists, each signature therapy consists of a relaxing, hands-on body massage ritual that combines the powerful effects of oriental meridian massage with the therapeutic benefits of custom-blended essential oils, created uniquely for Mandarin Oriental. Each treatment begins with a private therapist consultation in order to determine each individual’s personal and current state of wellbeing. The treatment and oils are then tailored to each guest in order to leave the body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony. Guests are also provided with nutritional and exercise guidance, in order to extend the beneficial effects of the programme at home.

Oriental Harmony - Signature

DURATION 1 h 50 m
Four hands work in perfect unison in a remarkable experience that inspires a harmony of the senses. The treatment begins with a soothing foot bath in purifying waters, leaving the feet soft and supple and the mind relaxed. Next two therapists work together in time and movement. First, providing a warm scrub that smoothes and replenishes the skin and later a harmonious massage that balances the body. The treatment concludes with a simultaneous head and foot massage leaving the mind uplifted, the body energized and the skin exotically fragrant.

Time Rituals™ - Signature

DURATION 1 h 50 m / 2 h 50 m
PRICE EUR 235 /  EUR 345
Mandarin Oriental’s bespoke “Time Rituals” encourage guests to book time rather than specific treatments, so that services can be tailor-made to meet individual needs. Each “Time Ritual” begins with a soothing foot ritual and is designed to restore a natural state of equilibrium.

Barcelona Spring- Journey

DURATION 2 h 20 m
A totally luxurious and uplifting journey using indigenous Spanish ingredients to leave the body wonderfully balanced. A welcoming Foot Ritual, using fresh local mint and sage is followed by a Spanish olive oil, wild mint and salt scrub, which serves to invigorate and soothe. A full body Aromatherapy Massage using essential oils infused with local mint and Hot Stones, culminates with a relaxing head massage to dispel any remaining tension and promote a feeling of calm and well-being.

Relaxing Bamboo And Argan Ritual - Journeys

DURATION 2 h 20 m
Combining Mediterranean ingredients, this therapeutic experience provides nourishment and regeneration for tired, dull and lifeless skin. Relax with a welcome foot ritual, followed by a gentle body exfoliation using our Signature Quintessence scrub to prepare the body for a relaxing massage. The massage incorporates a combination of specialised techniques and bamboo sticks to knead and stretch your muscles, increasing blood circulation and easing away tension. Argan oil is used to restore freshness and elasticity in the skin, a well known precious ingredient that defies the ageing process. To finish, a facial hydration using ESPA products. The result is a truly effective and restorative experience.

Body Firming Treatment - Body

DURATION 50 m / 1 h 15 m
PRICE EUR 120 / 150

A stimulating treatment combining micro-stimulation of the award winning CACi system and detoxifying massage techniques. All focused on improving blood and lymphatic circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite and tone the muscles. Electrically conductive pads are placed over specific muscle groups in the desired area to stimulate muscle motor points and trigger involuntary contraction. To follow a stimulating hip, stomach and thighs massage using a concentration of aromatherapy and seaweed. To finish an application of the ESPA Smooth & Firm Body Butter cream, a combination of argan, omega 3, 6 and 9, vitamin E and essential oils to soothe, restore and refine skin texture.

For best results we recommend series of twelve – 50 minutes (EUR 1, 350) or 80 minutes (EUR 1,700)

Oriental Essence - Body

DURATION 50 m / 1 h 20 m
PRICE EUR 130 /  EUR 175
This massage is a part of the Mandarin Oriental’s signature spa therapies and has been designed for the tired traveler, stressed executive or someone who just wishes to relieve neck and shoulder tension. This massage centers on all stress areas of the body. Utilising our Signature Quintessence oil blended with warming ginger, uplifting mandarin and sacred frankincense all come together to realign the mind and emotions.

CACI Intensive Lift - Facials

DURATION 50 m / 1 h 15 m
PRICE EUR 120 / 150

The most popular non-surgical face lift treatment. CACi with micro current that works re-educating the facial muscles, softening fine lines and wrinkles providing a lifting effect. This also increases blood flow to the tissues which in turn will increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Helps tighten and tone muscles whilst smoothing the appearance of fine lines.

For best results we recommend series of twelve - 50 minutes (EUR 1,200) or 1 hour and 30 minutes with O2 (EUR 1,850)

Customised Holistic Facial - Facials

City pollution, environmental stress, travel, business pressures or lack of sleep can result in dull, lifeless skin. This Relaxing Facial works at a deep molecular level to purify, balance and hydrate the skin. Beginning with a facial assessment to determine your skin type, our therapist will select products from our ESPA Aromatherapy facial range to create a facial experience tailor-made to your skin’s needs.

Linda Meredith Haute Couture Facial - Facials

DURATION 60 m / 1 h 15 m with O2
PRICE EUR 145 / 170
The reputation of Linda Meredith´s facials has become a talking point with celebrities all over the world. With a philosophy that complements the Spas at Mandarin oriental, Linda Meredith uses natural raw materials to create precious beauty potions, always driven by one passion: the search for excellence and efficiency. This facial is designed to your skin specific requirements. The ultimate deep cleanse using Micro Glycolic serums which absorb into the skin and have an antibacterial effect helps with the reduction of every day breakouts and on mature skin it softens fine lines and wrinkles with a firming effect. You will be deeply relaxed with a head, neck and shoulders massage whilst the mask is at work.

O2 or Collagen - Facials


Oxygen and collagen are essential for skin regeneration. This treatment is highly recommendable to maximize results in between facial treatments. For best results we recommend series of six or twelve.

For best results we recommend series of six (EUR 525) or twelve (EUR 1,050)

Bastien Pedicure - Bastien Gonzalez - To Finish


Bastien Gonzalez is internationally famous for his unique approach and his professional expertise and experience as a French Podiatrist. He designed and developed exclusive treatments for feet, nails and hands whose uniqueness lies in the fusion of well-being and beauty.

An overall pedicure, with a nail treatment (a gentle buffing to restore the natural beauty of the nails, ending in a healthy, shiny nail without lacquer); a skin treatment with a goal to eliminate irregularities and dryness; and a genuine massage from the toes up to the legs relieving any tension and heaviness.

Bastien´S Duo – Bastien Gonzalez - To Finish

DURATION 1 h 15 m
This synchronized four hands treatment focuses on your nails, hands, feet, legs and arms. The ultimate in luxury and total relaxation.