Doing More for a Sustainable Future

For more than 50 years, Mandarin Oriental has been established as a leader in luxury hospitality, and has a rich and proud history. As our Group has spread to new and diverse locations around the world, we remain committed to operating our hotels to the highest standards and in responsible and sustainable ways.

I’m delighted to present our 2014 Sustainability Report, which provides an overview of the progress we have made toward a more sustainable future. With the dedication and support of our colleagues worldwide, the following notable accomplishments were achieved:

  • We increased energy efficiency by 17.4% and reduced greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 18.3% compared to a 2007 baseline, even as the company expanded operations
  • We achieved a cost savings of US$30.8 million from 2007 to 2014 by our continuous efforts to reduce energy consumption
  • After a two-year implementation period, we incorporated environmental audit results into our hotels’ overall audit score, encouraging a culture of accountability
  • We contributed to many charitable causes in our communities by volunteering time, raising money and donating in-kind

We have set public goals and tracked performance in key environmental areas for many years, helping to drive continuous improvement. We have already surpassed our 2016 short-term environmental goals to reduce energy, emissions and water consumption, and are advancing steadily toward our 2020 vision. While we are encouraged by that progress, waste minimization is an area that requires greater attention if we are to achieve our goals. Our Group and Hotel Corporate Responsibility Committees are providing the leadership to further advance our sustainability efforts. Indeed, in 2015, we will transition to the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 framework, the most rigorous and transparent reporting system available.

With our strong values and principles firmly in place, I believe that Mandarin Oriental will continue to delight its guests and further strengthen its sustainability performance going forward. Thank you for following our progress.

James Riley
Group Chief Executive