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It's time to treat yourself

Combining time in our heat and water facilities, a choice of treatments and a delicious, nutritious lunch, our spa programs offer the ultimate way to relax.

Honored Time - Full Day

DURATION 7 h 30 m

Honor your body and experience rejuvenation from head to toe. Honored Time treatments are designed to restore a natural state of equilibrium, enhance a youthful, radiant appearance and give healthy-looking, soft hands and feet.

  • Time RitualsTM
  • Nature’s Radiant Facial
  • Aroma Stone Hand Treatment
  • Aroma Stone foot treatment
  • Bento box lunch

Mandarin Oriental Escape - Full Day

DURATION 6 h 30 m

Custom-blended use of our signature Quintessence scrub and body oils will bring the body’s energy flow into alignment. Complete the escape with an intensive facial and tension releasing manicure and pedicure.

  • Quintessence Scrub
  • Mandarin Oriental Signature Spa Therapies
  • Opulent Rejuvenesence Facial
  • Mandarin Oriental Manicure
  • Mandarin Oriental Pedicure
  • Bento Box Lunch

Repose- Half Day


Appropriately named, the Repose half day program creates a temporary rest from the activity of the city.

  • Time RitualsTM or Mandarin Oriental Signature Spa Therapies
  • Nature’s Radiant Facial
  • Bento Box Lunch