Epitomising the Japanese aesthetic of simplicity, Sushi SORA serves the finest sushi in the ‘Edo-mae’ tradition.

Located on our 38th floor, Sushi SORA offers both the freshest, most delicious sushi and a wonderfully serene setting. With floor-to-ceiling windows, diners enjoy breathtaking views of the Tokyo Skytree® tower and dynamic city panorama

Featuring granite floors and Japanese Kawara tile walls, the restaurant’s eight-seat dining counter fashioned from 350 year-old Japanese cypress forms the stage for Chef Yuji Imaizumi’s breathtaking talent. With more than some decades experience, Chef Imaizumi is a true master of Tokyo’s authentic “Edo-mae” style of traditional sushi cuisine, enchanting diners with his gracious and elegant style of preparation. 

Following the mantra of ‘simple is best’, Chef Imaizumi’s creations are renowned throughout Tokyo.