Inner Strength, Outer Strength

The basis of Inner Strength – Outer Strength focuses on two core areas:


Outer Strength (Fitness, Health, Vitality)


Keeping ourselves physically strong is of utmost importance. Our outer strength is developed by building our physical vitality through exercise, movement and healthy nutrition. If there is one thing we have learned from the pandemic, it is the importance of maintaining our overall physical health and immunity.


Inner Strength (Mindfulness, Resilience, Character)


During a stressful time of great change, it is important to incorporate stillness into our lives to allow the mind to process new information and reflect on appropriate strategies to manage difficulties. Inner Strength is developed by taking time for silence, contemplation and mindfulness.

Our Spas

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Our spas offer elements of Inner Strength and Outer Strength to help our guests to be stronger, more balanced and more resilient to stress and illness.


  • Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong is offering a signature traditional Chinese therapy, personal training session and Detox Body Reviver
  • Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok offers Muay Thai Boran followed by a meditation session
  • Mandarin Oriental, Doha Inner Strength Retreat featuring Inner Strength Signature Treatment with Singing Bowl and Outer Strength Retreat featuring functional fitness training
  • Mandarin Oriental, Paris is offering a relaxing bath with Inner Strength spa treatment combined with a variety of fitness classes including yoga and personal training
  • Mandarin Oriental, Prague provides private sound healing ritual alongside Inner Strength nurturing massage treatment

Developing Inner and Outer Strength