Stretching from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and beyond, Asia is steeped in spirituality and Oriental hospitality. From the temples and Buddhas of Thailand to the pretty cherry blossom of Japan and the tropical beaches of Hainan Island in China, the sights never fail to delight. And traditional lifestyles meld with the modern in the bustling cities.

The Americas

For world-class dining, entertainment, shopping and service, North America is unsurpassed. Experience the buzz of New York or the New England charm of Boston and Washington D.C., epicentres of history and politics, respectively. Or pursue the Pacific to happening San Francisco, or head to the bright lights of Vegas. If beaches beckon, think Bermuda or Miami.

Europe, Middle East & Africa

The countries of Europe form a tight patchwork of neighbours all with fascinating cities. London, Paris and Milan are hotbeds of fashion and design; Prague enchants with its art riches, as do Barcelona and Madrid. For Alpine adventure, head to Geneva or Munich. Or dip your toes into the Middle East and North Africa at the relaxing resorts of Bodrum and Marrakech.