From exotic Marrakech and razzle-dazzle Vegas to glamorous Taipei and London's classic setting, Mandarin Oriental hotels cater to all tastes for the big day

Zoë Manzi, Editor, MO magazine, The Condé Nast Publications

Zoë Manzi, Editor, MO magazine, The Condé Nast Publications

Celebration is in the air this month. And why not? History has decreed it so. According to Ovid’s poem Fasti, about the months of the year, June is named after Juno, Jupiter’s wife and the Roman goddess of marriage and the household. With this type of provenance, it’s unsurprising that June is famed for its plethora of nuptials. They say that in the best of romantic couplings, opposites attract. I would second that, though my husband is bound to disagree. 

Whatever kind of ceremony you are after, Mandarin Oriental is able to cater for every possible type of wedding whim going. If you’re an urban fashion-savvy couple seeking a blessing in a destination slap-bang in the centre of everything, choose a city property. Our hotels in the global fashion capitals (New York, London, Paris and Milan) know how to throw the best wedding parties – first ask HRH the Queen of England who booked a wedding-eve dinner party at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London, for British and foreign royals in town for the nuptials of Wills and Katherine in 2011. 

Always fantasised about tying the knot in a temple ritual in Tokyo or gliding around a glamorous ballroom in Taipei? Mandarin Oriental can make that happen, too. If exotic is your scene, how about mystic Marrakech or blissful Bodrum, where you can also calm any pre-wedding nerves with a soothing massage or traditional hammam in the hotels' respective Spas.

For the groovy beach babes among you, tropical Miami is just the ticket. Whether you say your vows in a bikini on the beach at Biscayne Bay or throw a cocktail party – perhaps barefoot and wearing a slip dress and floral crown – in one of the hotel's stunning event rooms, the wedding concierge will be there to guide you every step of the way. And if you want bright lights and a big city, it’s Vegas baby. Get hitched by the poolside decking area with the glittering strip as your background. Just imagine the Instagram opportunities. Otherwise, head to Atlanta and unleash your inner Scarlett O’Hara with a dose of Southern charm, or Bangkok, where the team can advise you on every detail – from dress to space.

Ooh, with all this talk I can feel my old friend Bridezilla rising again deep from within. How does everybody feel about a renewal of vows? I’ll have to check in with my other half on that subject. And track him down first, of course…

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