Luxury Meets Environmental Awareness at Mandarin Oriental, Doha

Mandarin Oriental, Doha is committed to contributing to the local community with various activities and initiatives. This aims to support Mandarin Oriental Hotel Groups ‘Act with Responsibility’ and reflects our deeply ingrained sustainability values.

Our Commitment



Mandarin Oriental, Doha is partnering with Bu Saif’s Apiary to harvest natural Qatari honey called Malika. Translated from Arabic, Malika means “queen” and the name is inspired by the queen bee. By purchasing honey and sweet-tasting honey treats, guests will be supporting Mandarin Oriental’s efforts to protect biodiversity. 

With one-third of the world’s crops reliant on bee pollination, Mandarin Oriental, Doha aims to encourage greater awareness of bees’ vital role and to support biodiversity through on-site beekeeping. As part of the hotel group’s ‘Act with Responsibility’ mission, the project reflects Mandarin Oriental’s deeply ingrained sustainability values.

Guests can indulge in delicious treats made with Malika honey at the hotel, by ordering Malika Honey gelato at Gelato or the beehive-inspired Honeycomb Cake or chocolate pralines at Baraha Lounge and Mandarin Lounge . An ideal gift, guests can purchase pots of pure Malika honey for QAR 70 at the three hotel outlets. 


Msheireb Downtown Doha is the world’s first sustainable downtown regeneration project, which revives the old commercial district with a new architectural language that is modern yet inspired by traditional Qatari heritage and architecture – its proportion, simplicity, space, light, layering, ornament and response to climate.

Msheireb Downtown Doha is developing a blueprint for sustainable urban regeneration, with pioneering work in the fields of orientation and layout, transportation, energy production and efficiency, water conservation and waste management. The overall architectural design is built on key sustainability principles – the preservation of existing heritage sites, the use of natural light and ventilation, the utilisation of material from the region and the adoption of new technologies and practices that make the most efficient use of water and electricity

Sustainability is central to Msheireb Downtown Doha in terms of both the conservation of natural resources and the quality of its design. Street patterns are designed to align with the prevailing winds, channelling cooling sea breezes. Thicker walls, appropriate building orientation, and shade from adjacent buildings cool the local environment, reducing air-conditioning requirements.

Qatar Academy Msheireb School Choir
During the Qatar National Day celebrations in 2019, three students from the neighbouring Qatar Academy Msheireb school ventured to book a meeting with our General Manager to discuss their business proposal, a honey and gelato stand as part of their Souq themed celebration. The students chose to sell six flavours of gelato presented in a dedicated Gelato cart along with the sustainability sourced Malika Honey. The proceeds made from the sales were donated to the student-selected charity -

Energy Efficient Lighting and Equipment   
Mandarin Oriental, Doha houses 29 solar thermal panels which provide up to 80% of the hot water used in our guestrooms. In addition, the hotel has 49 photovoltaic panels which produce 16,560 kWh of electricity annually for the hotel. 


Recyclable Water 
Guestroom washrooms and other bathrooms are fit with water-efficient fixtures, making use of rooftop captured rainwater and air condition water condensation. Rainwater is captured annually at 351 cubic meters, along with the 3,780 cubic meters of air condition condensation.  

Eliminate Single-Use Plastic
Mandarin Oriental, Doha is working towards eliminating single-use plastics throughout its portfolio and in doing so will source sustainable alternatives locally. This initiative supports Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group's pledge to eliminate single-use plastic across all hotels by the end of March 2021. Mandarin Oriental, Doha is working towards this goal by switching to sustainable sources such as disposable food containers, sustainability sourced and recyclable paper, in-room guest amenities and more.  


Glass Bottle Water Filtration
The hotel will house an on-site water filtration system which will produce an estimated 400 bottles a day. The water will be processed and packaged in sustainable glass bottles which will replace single-use plastic water bottles throughout the hotel. The procedure follows drastic measures of hygiene and can reduce single-use plastic consumption by up to 80,000 plastic bottles yearly.


ORCA Food Composting
The ORCA is a food waste processing system that sustainably breaks down and composts organic food waste rapidly and makes it into a liquid. This will significantly reduce the harmful emissions that come with truck traffic and mitigate carbon footprint from reducing food waste.