Chef and Founder, Paco Roncero

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The pioneering founder of the Sublimotion dining concept, Chef Paco Roncero, uses his passion for art and technology to bring together his love of fine food with the drama and delight of a social eating occasion.

Chef Paco is a leading representative of the Spanish culinary art both locally and internationally. He believes that technical and creative art is reflected not only in the style of cuisine but also in the way fine food is offered as a unique sensory experience.

Chef Paco holds some of the most prestigious awards, including the Prix au Chef de L’Avenir 2005 and the National Gastronomy Award 2006. His Paco Roncero Restaurante in Madrid holds two Michelin Guide stars and three Repsol Guide suns.

One of Chef Paco’s intriguing contributions to the wonderful world of food and how to consume it includes PacoRonceroTaller, a research workshop on cooking and emotions, based on sustainability and circular economy.

“We sit down to eat about 75,000 times in our life. And we never get bored! That’s magic!” says Chef Paco. And magic it indeed is. Adventurous diners at Sublimotion can look forward to a unique and extraordinary culinary experience that combines the most cutting-edge technology with the most innovative delicacies of Chef Paco.

“When you see twelve people sitting at a table, everything is at the same height, everyone is at the same level, and this is a fantastic way to communicate! Sublimotion, of course, is a chef, but he is also a confectioner, an engineer, a composer, a designer, a magician. And, in the end, when everyone comes together, only magic can take place,” says Chef Paco.

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Chef and Founder, Paco Roncero