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Sublimotion will be back at Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai from November 2022. To book your experience, please email

True to the culinary aspirations of Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai and guest chef Paco Roncero, famed for his two-Michelin-starred restaurant, the dining itself is at the very heart of the magical Sublimotion.

However, with mystery and surprise as essential ingredients, the Sublimotion cuisine and menu are closely guarded secrets. This is because the performance and presentation of the fare are key to the dining experience.

“The truth is that one of our dreams was always to be able to turn the table into a stage. And today, at Sublimotion, the table is a stage where many things happen on it and around it. Quite simply, we have made a change to the way we eat,” says Chef Paco.

Diners will find themselves in and surrounded by wonderful themes and scenes that complement where the dishes come from, how they are made, what they represent and why they are so delightful to taste and eat. The electric atmosphere is a celebration of the joy of eating and drinking.

When guests make their reservation, they are, of course, asked if they have any allergies or sensitivities and their menu is adapted accordingly.

There are usually around 10 courses for diners to experience, with each delicacy introduced by the master of ceremonies, performers, or the compelling sense and drama of the surrounding scene unfolding.

The cuisine and its presentation could be described as international. Some would say out of this world. Let’s leave it for the lucky diners to decide.

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