First seating
Second seating

Leaving aside the fact that there are at least 25 people involved in a Sublimotion performance and the presentation of its food to the 12 diners present, there’s an impressive amount of high-tech activity in the background and foreground.

The team consists of brilliant designers, engineers, stage directors, composers, illusionists and actors, inspired by Paco Roncero, chef and owner of a two-Michelin-starred restaurant.

The whole Sublimotion performance is an exciting journey in time and space, which can really only be explained by those lucky enough to experience it first-hand.

The experience focuses on Chef Paco’s take on fantastic molecular gastronomy, served at a large 12-seat dining table. The table and dining room ("the capsule") magically transform throughout the dinner so that each course immerses the guest in a different sensation or environment. The Sublimotion state-of-the-art system includes 360-degree screens of over seven million pixels and fifty thousand lumens. It creates a vivid setting to stimulate diners’ senses, ensuring the experience goes way beyond that of a normal restaurant, from controlling the temperature and scents to arranging a musical ambience fit for the occasion. Every surface, from the walls to the table, can be projected onto.

Thanks to the great working team led by the creative director and co-founder of Sublimotion, Eduardo Gonzales of Vega Factory, diners will be immersed in an unforgettable hybrid culinary experience. The real and the virtual are combined to achieve one of the most extraordinary moments that can be enjoyed around a table.

For the first time in history, a line is being crossed where guests can ponder how culinary experiences of the future will evolve. Being able to taste real gastronomy within virtual spaces opens up a window of unlimited possibilities.

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