Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I use the Mandarin Oriental Gift Card?
A: Mandarin Oriental Gift Cards are redeemable at participating Mandarin Oriental properties. Currently, Gift Cards are not for sale nor redeemable at Mandarin Oriental, Taipei.

Q: What can the gift card be used for?
A: The Mandarin Oriental Gift Card can be used for hotel accommodations, spa services, dining, boutique purchases and leisure activities provided at any of our participating properties. Mandarin Oriental Gift Cards are not redeemable at certain outsourced restaurants or spa locations. Currently, Gift Cards are not redeemable at Morton’s, The Steakhouse, Teppan-Ya at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore nor Wasabi Bistro at Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur. Please check with the participating property for specific details.

Q: Can hotel branded, restaurant branded or spa branded gift certificates still be used?
A: Yes, all hotel specific gift certificates still in circulation will be honoured at the location which they were sold. 

Q: Where can I purchase a Mandarin Oriental Gift Card?
A: Mandarin Oriental Global Gift Cards can be purchased online at or at any of our participating properties. 

Q: Can gift cards be ordered by telephone?
A: At this time, gift cards can only be ordered online at or by visiting any participating Mandarin Oriental property. 

Q: In what denominations are gift cards sold?
A: Traditional Mandarin Oriental Gift Cards can be purchased in any denomination ranging from USD 50 to USD 10,000. eGift Cards can be purchased in USD, GBP, HKD and EUR. Additionally, certain properties sell Gift Cards in local currency at the hotel.

Q: How will the exchange rate be calculated if I redeem my gift card?
A: Any redemption made at a hotel that sells Gift Cards in different currency than the currency used to purchase the Gift Card will be converted into local currency at the exchange rate used by the hotel at the time the transaction is processed.

Q: When will my credit card be charged?
A: When you order online, your credit card will be charged after you confirm the purchase. When you order in person at a Mandarin Oriental hotel, your credit card will be charged once the order has been submitted. 

Q: How do I purchase more than one card?
A: You can purchase up to ten gift cards per online transaction and each online order can total up to USD 15,000. To purchase larger orders, please visit a Mandarin Oriental hotel or email, where our staff will be pleased to assist you. 

Q: How long does it take for a gift card to be delivered?
A: The delivery time will depend on the delivery service you choose and the location you are shipping to. Orders will be processed and shipped in the order we receive them, usually in one business day. Within the U.S., there are two shipping options: FedEx Ground (shipping time 1-5 business days) and FedEx Next Day Standard (shipping time by 4:30PM the following business day). Outside of the U.S., all gift cards will be shipped via FedEx International Priority (shipping time 2-3 business days to most locations). Due to customs and border regulations, international delivery times cannot be guaranteed. If you need the gift card to arrive earlier, please choose our eGift Card option or visit a participating Mandarin Oriental hotel to purchase a gift card directly. Please note our fulfillment house will be closed for the following holidays in 2017 and orders will be processed the next business day upon reopening: January 2, February 20, April 14, May 29, July 4, September 4, November 23-24, December 25-26. Mandarin Oriental gift cards are also available for sale at any of our participating properties 365 days of the year.

Q: Does the holder of a gift card have to be a hotel guest to use the card?
A: The recipient can use his or her gift card to pay for meals and services purchased at a Mandarin Oriental hotel, even if he or she is not currently a guest. 

Q: Does the full value of the gift card have to be redeemed at once?
A: The Mandarin Oriental Gift Card is designed to carry a balance therefore, if a guest uses a gift card to pay for something of lesser value than is stored on the card, the amount of the purchase will be subtracted and the remaining balance will stay on the card for future use. 

Q: Do gift cards have an expiration date or fees?
A: The Mandarin Oriental Gift Card does not expire and has no annual or activation fees. 

Q: Can gift cards be redeemed for cash?
A: Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash except where required by law. 

Q: How can I find out the balance on my card?
A: To check your balance, please login to your account or bring your card to a participating Mandarin Oriental hotel. 

Q: How do I protect my gift card balance?
A: The best way to protect your gift card balance is to register your card as soon as you receive it. You will be asked to enter your email address, create a password, enter the 20 digit number on the back of your card and click “Create Account”. The process will take less than five minutes. Register your card now. If you already have an account, you can register any new cards using your existing login under "My Account" and click “Add New Gift Card. 

Q: How does “balance protection” work?
A: By registering your gift card, you can protect your balance from the time you report it lost or stolen. As soon as your loss report is made, your balance will be frozen and you will be asked for an address to ship the replacement Gift Card which will be sent to you by mail. 

Q: Can you replace my Mandarin Oriental Gift Card if it is not registered?
A: You must register a gift card to protect its balance. 

Q: What do I do if my gift card is lost or stolen?
A: Simply visit this web site again, log in to your account, select the card you would like to report lost or stolen, and choose "Report card loss" from the pull down menu. Follow a few simple steps and the remaining balance on your gift card will be frozen and transferred to a new gift card once you confirm the shipping address. The value stored on the replacement gift card will match the balance of your account at the time you reported your original card missing. The replacement gift card will be sent to you at no cost. 

Q: What happens if I find a gift card that I reported lost or stolen?
A: Please discard any cards that have been reported lost or stolen. Once the balance has been frozen and transferred to a new gift card, the old card has no value and cannot be accepted for payment.



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