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Special Programmes

A Luxury Lifestyle Showcase Unlike Any Other

Entertainment Suite, Living Room, view of sofaEntertainment Suite, Living RoomApartment Suite

    Macey and Sons
    Whisky Investment Talk and Profiling Session

    28 October - 3pm
    29 and 30 October - 6pm

    Beginners Guide to Antique Silver
    28 October - 6pm

    Antique Silver Appreciation
    30 October - 3pm

    Japanese Post-war Art
    29 October - 3pm
    Get to know everything about refined collectables from single-malt whiskey to antique silver and unique art pieces.

    Brunello Cucinelli
    28 to 30 October – 2pm and 5pm
    Sartoria Solomeo

    A unique experience shaped not only on a man’s desires, ambitions and needs, but also on his physical appearance. This encounter gives birth to a collaboration that is based on craftsmanship and creativity. These skills are internationally recognized as essential elements of the Italian sartorial tradition.