SanyaVisiting Wellness Consultant

Visiting Wellness Consultant

Now is the time for you to focus on restoration from the inside out. Our varied retreats and programmemes can assist you in your journey to complete health and wellbeing.

Dr. Buathon Thienarrom is an acclaimed holistic practitioner based in Hua Hin, Thailand, who promotes harmony of body, mind and spirit by demonstrating knowledge of Taoist practice, Tibetan medicine and alternative medicine. Dr Buathon is visiting The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Sanya between 29 September and 7 October 2017 to offer number of individual treatments and wellness workshops with her signature healing method, enabling guests to relieve physical tension and achieve a calm mental state.

Now is the time to focus on

Restoration from the inside out


Learn to relax the body, resting the mind and letting go by transforming unnecessary thoughts into vitality. Connect into your inner self to revitalize your energy.

Awareness Movement
Enhancing the energy flow through physical movement and generate stillness of the mind.

Sound Meditation
Relax your day through simple breathing exercises and sound expression, and restore harmony between your body and soul with sound vibrations from Tibetan singing bowls.

Our Body, Our Emotions
Understanding the connection between the body and various emotions and at the same time, how these emotions influence physical posture by learning a simple technique to enhance posture awareness, and thus promote better emotions.

For those looking for a deeply personal experience, Dr. Buathon is available for private wellness sessions at CNY 580/person*/ hour
* Price is in CNY and subject to 15% service charge


Treatments by Dr. Buathon Thienarrom  
A series of holistic treatments to restore emotional and physical balance through sound healing, conscious breathing, physical tension release and abdominal detoxification. A wholesome wellness journey to revive all senses.  

Private Consultation
In order to strengthen and optimize overall health, Dr. Buathon will personally discuss with you any specific areas of concern before prescribing a tailor-made healing journey.

ZenNaTai means ‘the state of freedom and emptiness’
Physical tension release and abdominal detox

An integrated therapeutic treatment based on the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine, ZenNaTai helps the body release tension, improve the flow of energy-giving“qi” and encourage a peaceful mind.
60 mins CNY 1,288* / 90mins CNY 1,588*

Energy Enhancing
Chakra healing oil and Tibetan sound healing
Awaken the chakra energy with seven precious healing oils which activate the body’s subtle energy flow.
Enhanced with the restorative sound vibrations from Tibetan singing bowls that resonates with the body fluid, the body’s energy flow is cleansed and rejuvenated.
75 mins CNY 1,388*

Mind Transformation
Emotional wellness and mind training – the mind is the master of the body. This exclusive treatment designed to promotes emotional wellness through conscious breathing, unlocking your “unfinished matter” and transforming your stress and emotions into vitality.
60 mins CNY 1,288* / 90mins CNY 1,588*

One Day Wellness Retreat Programme
Choose our specially designed one day programme including holistic healing treatment, health and wellness for the ultimate lifestyle. The journey includes:
•    Private consultation with Dr Buathon
•    20 minutes outdoor detox herbal bath at your spa garden
•    One 90 minutes Holistic Healing treatment on prior consultation
•    One 90 minutes detox or sleep relief treatment by our experienced TCM practitioner   
•    Gourmet Healthy Delight selections at the tropical garden of The Spa
•    Daily wellness workshop with Dr Buathon

CNY 2,988/person*

* Prices are in CNY and subject to 15% service charge