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Respect for the individual forms the cornerstone of our spa experience. Personalised to your needs, our treatments include a range of relaxing body and facial therapies


*Prices are subject to 15% service charge

Relax and revive, from head to toe

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1 hour 20 minutes

Oriental Essence

    CNY 1,008

This massage is a part of the Mandarin Oriental’s signature spa therapies and has been designed for the tired traveller, stressed executive or someone who just wishes to relieve neck and shoulder tension. This massage centres on all stress areas of the body. Utilising our Signature Quintessence oil blended with warming ginger, uplifting mandarin and sacred frankincense, all come together to realign the mind and emotions. A completely relaxing treatment.

2 hours 20 minutes / 3 hours 20 minutes

Time Rituals

    CNY 1,880 / 2,688

Mandarin Oriental’s bespoke “Time Rituals” encourage guests to book time rather than specific treatments, so that services can be tailor-made to meet individual needs. Each “Time Ritual” begins with a soothing foot ritual and is designed to restore a natural state of equilibrium.


1 hour 20 minutes

Lava Sea Shell

    CNY 1,258

The first of its kind in China, our Lava Sea Shell massage is the ultimate wellness experience. Using self-heated shells together with local coconut oil, this treatment is designed to ease tired muscles, nurture the body and leave you with firmer and healthier looking skin.

50 minutes


    CNY 988

Feel nurtured and supported in a time of constant change. Choose from a selection of oils, each safely formulated to be used during pregnancy to nourish and care for your skin. This treatment uses traditional aromatherapy massage to ease away tension in the upper back and on tight shoulders.


1 hour / 1 hour 20 minutes

Balance Men's Facial

    CNY 998 / 1,088

Specially customised and developed to treat male skin, this treatment cleanses and invigorates. Combating oiliness, shaving irritation and in growing hairs, it promotes a healthy and well-balanced complexion. Products are removed with a hot towel compress. A scalp and foot massage are included as part of the treatment. The skin is left feeling fresh, soft and fully cleansed.

1 hour 20 minutes

Customised Aromatherapy Facial

    CNY 1,088

Beginning with a facial assessment to determine your skin type, our therapist will select products from our Aromatherapy Associates facial range to create a facial experience tailor-made to your skin’s needs.



Full Day Programme

  • Two Days
    CNY 4,900

Choose one of our speciality designed day programmes combining fitness, health and wellness for the ultimate lifestyle experience. Each programme spans two days with various treatment options for four hours each day. After your treatment, enjoy the calming experience of healthy spa cuisine in the privacy of your own garden.

3 hours 30 minutes

Secrets of the Orient

    CNY 2,800

Step into seclusion and let your worries melt away. This nurturing and comforting package will leave you feeling calm, balanced and at ease for the remainder of your day.

  • Welcoming Foot Ritual
  • Tian Quan Therapy
  • Bathology
  • Customized Scrub
  • Oriental Harmony Massage
  • Relaxation Time and Spa Cuisine

Suite Experiences

3 hours 50 minutes

Natural Retreat

    CNY 2,950

Enjoy Sanya’s natural resources and beauty. Using fresh indigenous ingredients, your journey includes a hair and scalp treatment, a relaxing scrub, a coconut bath and concludes with special attention to your face and eye area. This treatment will transform your skin leaving you feeling pampered and at one with nature.


1 hour


    CNY 790

Acupuncture originated in China more than 2,000 years ago, making it one of the oldest and most commonly used medical procedures in the world. It is believed there are 12 main meridians and eight secondary meridians, with more than 2,000 acupuncture points on the body that connect to them. Our specialist will work on these areas based on your body’s individual needs and concerns.

1 hour


    CNY 790

An ancient form of therapeutic massage, cupping benefits the body by moving stagnant Qi and invigorating the system. Glass light bulb shaped or traditional bamboo jars are fixed on various points on the body, using the heat of a flame to create a vacuum. Cups are then moved along specific areas of the body to create friction. The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system.

1 hour 30 minutes


    CNY 1,280

Utilizing traditional Chinese pressure point techniques, organic oils and detoxifying medicinal herbs, this treatment focuses on cleansing the body of daily toxins and assisting in weight loss.

1 hour

Sleep Relief

    CNY 790

Using a mixture of Chinese herbs, blended oils and a specific acupressure massage, this treatment helps you achieve uninterrupted sleep.

1 hour

Shaolin Zen Tea

    CNY 300

Experience an authentic Traditional Zen Tea Ceremony with our Shaolin Kung Fu Master, Master Hu. This is a transformative ceremony leaving the mind and body completely relaxed. Using the principles of yin and yang, these holistic ceremonies encourage a harmony of the body and mind and provide a deeply spiritual experience in serene and natural surroundings.