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Who do I contact if I have questions, problems or other feedback?

If you have any questions, problems or feedback, please contact your Director of Residence or email us at


Q: Do owners receive points or credit for their stays?

A: Fans of M.O. Elite is a unique programme that does not incorporate points or credit but instead allows the owner to take advantage of the programme’s benefits immediately upon joining.


Q: Why do owners need to sign up? How will the information they provide be used?

A: Mandarin Oriental values the privacy of our guests and Residences Owners. We will use your information as outlined in the data privacy form. The information provided will be used to personalize your stay.


Q: Can I receive Fans of M.O. Elite benefits when staying at our home property with children or other family/guests visiting?

A: This programme is designed for when an owner is travelling to a Mandarin Oriental hotel that is not your home property. Owners should check to see if the Home hotel offers a Friends and Family rate designed for guests of Residences Owners. The Friends and Family rate cannot be combined with Fans of M.O. Elite benefits or the Residences Owner Preferential Rate for use at the owner’s primary home hotel.


Q: Am I a member of Fans of M.O. or Residences Elite?

A: Owners are members of Residences Elite, which once you join, gives you automatic membership at the Elite level of Fans of M.O. Residences Elite provides owners with recognition at home and when you travel to any Mandarin Oriental hotel. This includes ‘At Home’ privileges, a Residences Elite Ambassador, Residences Owner Preferential Rates, Fans of M.O. Elite benefits when staying at any Mandarin Oriental hotel, and exclusive access and offers from our brand partners, all easily accessible via the new Residences Elite portal of our website.


Q: What is Residences Elite?

A: Residences Elite is a recognition programme created exclusively for Residences Owners. It includes special ‘At Home’ privileges, Fans of M.O. Elite travel benefits, Residences Owner Preferential Rates and a dedicated Residences Elite Ambassador at all Mandarin Oriental hotels. Benefits are not transferable and are cancelled upon the sale of your residence.


Q: Why are the Residences Elite travel benefits now under Fans of M.O. Elite?

A: Upon joining, special preferential rates will be offered to you as a Residences Owner. Fans of M.O. Elite is the invitation only, highest tier of Mandarin Oriental’s world-wide recognition programme, Fans of M.O. By integrating your travel benefits with Fans of M.O. Elite, we will offer you another level of valuable benefits befitting your status as an Owner of a Mandarin Oriental Residence. As an Elite member, you have access to additional members-only offers and experiences, as well as complimentary streaming WiFi whenever you visit one of our hotels. Each time you stay with us as an Elite member, you receive a welcome amenity and are invited to enjoy daily breakfast for two, as well as complimentary pressing services. In addition, Fans of M.O. Elite members who book a qualifying rate through our website, will be offered their choice of two further benefits such as a room upgrade, early check-in or late check-out, a dining or spa credit, or other local offerings.


Q: Why do I need to enrol in Fans of M.O. Elite if I am already a Residences Elite member?

A: Current Residences Elite “Away from Home” benefits are being retired. All travel benefits will now be under the Fans of M.O. Elite programme. In order to receive the new benefits, including the Residences Owner Preferential Rates, you must create or log in to your MO profile and accept the new terms and conditions. Once enrolled, whenever you make a reservation on our website and you are logged in as a Residences Elite member, your new benefits will be applied to your reservation automatically.


Q: How do I join Fans of M.O. Elite?

A: As a Residences Owner, you are specially invited to join Fans of M.O. Elite due to your ownership status. Enrolment takes just a few minutes and requires a one-time, unique 8-digit enrolment code for each qualified member of your household. Owners can enrol via the website or via iPads at the Concierge Desk of their home Residence. Your code was sent to you in your print invitation. If you no longer have your invitation or your unique code, please contact your Director of Residences.


Q: I am already a Fans of M.O. member but received an invitation to join Fans of M.O. Elite. Do I need to sign up again?

A: If you are already a Fans of M.O. member, your account will be automatically upgraded. You can log in to your account at to find out more about your benefits.


Q: There was a code on my invitation but I cannot find it anymore, what shall I do?

A: If your code was misplaced, please contact your Director of Residences who will be able to provide you with your unique code and any other help you may require.


Q: Do I receive additional benefits by booking on

A: As a Residences Owner and a member of Fans of M.O. Elite, if you book a qualifying rate through our website, you will receive a Residences Owner Preferential Rate of up to 15% discount. In addition, you can choose two from a variety of additional benefits, such as early check-in from 12:00pm, late check-out at 4:00pm, complimentary room upgrade, dining or spa credit, a celebratory treat, or a local offering that may vary by property. Benefit details may vary by hotel and will be listed during the online booking process.


Q: How do I make sure I am recognized as a Residences Elite member when I stay at a participating property?

A: If you were logged in to your Fans of M.O Elite account when you made the booking, we will have your membership details and all benefits will be automatically applied to your reservation. If you were not logged in, simply contact the hotel, tell them that you are a Residences Owner and ask them to update the reservation with your membership ID, which you can find on the “account” section of your Fans of M.O. Elite online profile.


Q: Will I receive a Fans of M.O. Elite membership card?

A: There will not be a physical card but each member will receive a unique membership ID.


Q: Are there any hotels that do not participate in the Fans of M.O. programme?

A: Currently Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi is not participating in Fans of M.O.


Q: What if a benefit I saw previously is not available?

A: Benefits vary according to hotel and date. We can assure you that there will always be a selection of benefits to choose from, as long as you are logged in to your account and book a qualifying rate on


Q: Where can I find more information about my new Residences Elite benefits?

A: Details of each benefit will be shown during booking on For a general overview, please log in to your account and visit the “Benefits” section. For specific ‘At Home’ privileges which vary by property and are updated annually, please see your Director of Residences for the most up-to-date list of offerings.


Q: If I book multiple rooms, can I receive benefits for all rooms? Do the benefits have to be the same for all the rooms?

A: Members can choose benefits for up to two rooms per stay. Each room may choose different benefits allowing you to truly personalize your stay.


Q: Can owners sign their expenses to their monthly incidental account at their home property?

A: No, payment must be rendered at check-out at the visiting property. Signing privileges do not apply at our other properties.


Q: What is the difference between Browsing WiFi and Streaming WiFi?

A: Browsing WiFi is best for checking emails, web surfing and social media. Streaming WiFi allows you to download content, play games or stream at high speeds.


Q: How do I access my profile?

A: To access your profile, go to and login.


Q: For how long is my Residences Elite membership valid for?

A: Your membership of Residences Elite will not expire as long as you own a Residence. Upon the sale of your Residence, your Elite level status will change to that of Fans of M.O. member and you will enjoy all the associated benefits of that programme.


Q: How do I cancel my Fans of M.O. Elite membership?

A: Please email us at to cancel your membership.


Q: I made a reservation before I joined Residences Elite, can I still receive benefits for my upcoming stay?

A: Yes. Please contact the hotel and provide your membership ID. If you booked a qualifying rate on, our colleagues will be happy to assist you with your additional benefit selection.


Q: What if I want to change the benefits I selected during booking on

A: To change your benefits after booking, please contact the hotel to confirm availability.


Q: I am locked out of my Fans of M.O. Elite account on the website. What can I do?

Please go to and click 'forgot password' to regain access.


I don’t remember my password. How do I recover it?

Please go to and select 'forgot password' to recover your account.


Why do you need my email address and phone number?

We link your email address and phone number to your Fans of M.O. Elite account for login and verification purposes. We may also use them to send programme notifications and updates regarding Residences Elite and Fans of M.O. Elite.


Why do you need my date of birth?

We would like to know your date of birth in order to give you a little something to help you celebrate.


What is a qualifying rate?

A qualifying rate, is any rate that is fully flexible and publicly available for a Fans of M.O. Elite member to book directly on or with the hotel itself. Negotiated rates or otherwise discounted rates, group rates, rates booked through travel agents or tour operators and rates available on any online third-party website or app do not qualify for the Fans of M.O. direct booking additional privileges.