Sushi Sora

The Chef

Chef de Cuisine Yuji Imaizumi

Honouring long-held traditions, Chef Yuji Imaizumi favours the Edo-mae style of sushi because it “is the most authentic kind of sushi.” A Tokyo native, Chef Imaizumi imports the freshest fish from both the city and the Japanese archipelago.

Chef Imaizumi heads to the Tsukiji market regularly to taste the fish and feel its texture with his own hands, aspects which he believes are “all important” to his success as a sushi chef. Even after twenty-one years perfecting his slicing skills he remains humble, “I feel like I’m still learning,” he says. When not at his sushi bar high in the Tokyo sky, Imaizumi can be found on the streets of Asakusa, sampling his favourite soba noodles.