[ { "Latitude": "42.348800000", "Longitude": "-71.081382000", "Title": "Boston", "Description": "El Mandarin Oriental de Boston, galardonado con los premios Cinco Diamantes de la AAA y Cinco Estrellas de Forbes, goza de una codiciada ubicaci\u00F3n en la hermosa Back Bay. Con un ambiente sofisticado pero relajado, el hotel ofrece la mezcla perfecta de lujo y estilo.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/boston-destination-boylston-street-and-back-bay-at-night", "Link": "/es-es/boston/back-bay" }, { "Latitude": "12.713405500", "Longitude": "-61.322039000", "Title": "Canouan", "Description": "Enjoying an exclusive island setting in the idyllic Grenadines archipelago, Mandarin Oriental on Canouan Island is a true Caribbean paradise.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/canouan-hotel-exterior-aerial-01", "Link": "/es-es/canouan/caribbean" }, { "Latitude": "25.765415000", "Longitude": "-80.185622000", "Title": "Miami", "Description": "Surrounded by stunning views, Mandarin Oriental hotel in Miami brings the essence of triple Five-Star luxury to Brickell Key. With private infinity edge pool, four gourmet culinary outlets and an exotic day spa, we offer a taste of Asian serenity in sun-kissed Miami.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/miami-2014-fine-dining-la-mar-terrace-01", "Link": "/es-es/miami/brickell-key" }, { "Latitude": "40.769008800", "Longitude": "-73.983011200", "Title": "New York", "Description": "High above the iconic New York skyline, relax in Five-Star luxury at Mandarin Oriental, New York. Offering a celebrated restaurant and a world-renowned spa, the hotel offers the perfect base from which to explore the Big Apple.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/new-york-13-exterior-day", "Link": "/es-es/new-york/manhattan" }, { "Latitude": "-33.403870000", "Longitude": "-70.582998000", "Title": "Santiago", "Description": "Considered one of the most luxurious hotels of South America, Mandarin Oriental, Santiago is located in an exclusive district of the Chilean capital - Las Condes, a central area known for commerce and tourism in the city.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/santiago-exterior-skyline", "Link": "/es-es/santiago/las-condes" }, { "Latitude": "13.723993000", "Longitude": "100.514241000", "Title": "Bangkok", "Description": "For more than 140 years, travellers have followed the Chao Phraya River to stay at the legendary Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok. A luxury five-star hotel in one of the world\u2019s most exciting cities.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/bangkok-exterior-river-of-kings-5", "Link": "/es-es/bangkok/chao-phraya-river" }, { "Latitude": "39.912287000", "Longitude": "116.411085000", "Title": "Beijing - Wangfujing", "Description": "With an enviable location in Beijing\u0027s prime shopping district, Mandarin Oriental Wangfujing is Beijing\u2019s most premier boutique hotel.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/wangfujing-hotel-terrace-views-dusk", "Link": "/es-es/beijing/wangfujing" }, { "Latitude": "23.134865000", "Longitude": "113.333205000", "Title": "Guangzhou", "Description": "Fusing contemporary luxury with inimitable elegance, Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou is a stunning five-star hotel at the forefront of Guangzhou\u2019s dramatic evolution. Set in one of the city\u2019s most exciting neighbourhoods, we offer the most spacious accommodation in the city.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/guangzhou-exterior-dusk", "Link": "/es-es/guangzhou/tianhe" }, { "Latitude": "22.282098000", "Longitude": "114.159551000", "Title": "Hong Kong - Mandarin Oriental", "Description": "As our first and flagship hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong is as legendary as the city itself. With a central location and five-star facilities, we are renowned for our sleek design, impressive service and exquisite blend of luxury, comfort and style.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/hong-kong-13-exterior-view", "Link": "/es-es/hong-kong/victoria-harbour" }, { "Latitude": "22.280541000", "Longitude": "114.158005000", "Title": "Hong Kong - The Landmark", "Description": "One of the most exclusive luxury hotels in the world, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental is a masterpiece of contemporary design in the heart of Hong Kong\u2019s business and fashion districts.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/landmark-2015-hotel-exterior-view", "Link": "/es-es/hong-kong/the-landmark" }, { "Latitude": "-6.196165000", "Longitude": "106.823914000", "Title": "Jakarta", "Description": "Conveniently located in the financial and diplomatic district, with stunning rooms and fantastic facilities, Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta brings five-star luxury to Indonesia\u2019s capital city.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/jakarta-exterior-view-night-02", "Link": "/es-es/jakarta/jalan-mh-thamrin" }, { "Latitude": "3.155781000", "Longitude": "101.711842900", "Title": "Kuala Lumpur", "Description": "Set between the flowering gardens of the City Centre Park and the dramatic heights of the Petronas Twin Towers, Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur is a five-star luxury hotel with impressive views, fabulous facilities and a convenient central location.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/kuala-lumpur-2013-exterior-dusk", "Link": "/es-es/kuala-lumpur/petronas-towers" }, { "Latitude": "22.184541000", "Longitude": "113.547113400", "Title": "Macau", "Description": "One of the most exclusive hotels in Macau, Mandarin Oriental, Macau is a decidedly elegant five-star retreat. Enjoying a waterside setting, with fabulous restaurants and legendary service, we offer a sophisticated atmosphere and unbeatable luxury.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/macau-exterior-view-night-01", "Link": "/es-es/macau/one-central" }, { "Latitude": "31.243605000", "Longitude": "121.507282000", "Title": "Pudong - Shanghai", "Description": "Located on the banks of the Huangpu River in the heart of Pudong\u2019s central financial district, we offer the perfect combination of style, comfort and world-class service.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/shanghai-exterior-dusk", "Link": "/es-es/shanghai/pudong" }, { "Latitude": "18.212868000", "Longitude": "109.536698000", "Title": "Sanya", "Description": "Combining contemporary design with laid-back beach chic, Mandarin Oriental, Sanya enjoys a balmy year-round climate, five-star luxury facilities and a breathtaking location on a private bay.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/sanya-exterior-3", "Link": "/es-es/sanya/dadonghai" }, { "Latitude": "22.556850518", "Longitude": "114.072191508", "Title": "Shenzhen", "Description": "With one of the most stunning locations in the city \u2013 on the upper floors of a spectacular new skyscraper \u2013 Mandarin Oriental, Shenzhen, offers sweeping views of the entire city.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/shenzhen-exterior-park", "Link": "/es-es/shenzhen/futian" }, { "Latitude": "1.290491800", "Longitude": "103.856069100", "Title": "Singapore", "Description": "Shaped like our iconic fan, Mandarin Oriental, Singapore is a five-star luxury hotel in Marina Bay. Only minutes from the central business district and with a choice of fabulous restaurants and fantastic rooms, we are the ultimate urban retreat.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/singapore-exterior-hotel-1", "Link": "/es-es/singapore/marina-bay" }, { "Latitude": "25.055728000", "Longitude": "121.548015000", "Title": "Taipei", "Description": "Setting new standards for hotel luxury, Mandarin Oriental, Taipei is a five-star urban retreat in the heart of the city. With a sophisticated design, exquisite restaurants and the largest hotel spa in Taiwan, we offer a truly unforgettable experience.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/taipei-exterior-dusk-03", "Link": "/es-es/taipei/songshan" }, { "Latitude": "35.687009600", "Longitude": "139.772954500", "Title": "Tokyo", "Description": "Conveniently located in Nihonbashi, Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo is a five-star luxury hotel with views to take your breath away. Exuding crisp, contemporary style, we pride ourselves on our excellent technology, renowned spa, innovative restaurants and impeccable service.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/tokyo-5-star-east-lobby-01", "Link": "/es-es/tokyo/nihonbashi" }, { "Latitude": "41.391269000", "Longitude": "2.166636800", "Title": "Barcelona", "Description": "Located on Passeig de Gr\u00E0cia, Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona is one of the city\u0027s best loved hotels. Enjoying stunning views over our gardens or the modernist landmark Casa Batll\u00F3, we offer a wonderful mix of style and five-star luxury.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/barcelona-2014-exterior", "Link": "/es-es/barcelona/passeig-de-gracia" }, { "Latitude": "37.126079000", "Longitude": "27.410891000", "Title": "Bodrum", "Description": "At Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum a most luxurious Mediterranean lifestyle awaits. Experience crystal waters and deep relaxation at this serene retreat in Paradise Bay.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/bodrum-hotel-exterior", "Link": "/es-es/bodrum/paradise-bay" }, { "Latitude": "46.205569000", "Longitude": "6.140932000", "Title": "Geneva", "Description": "With a peaceful setting blending breathtaking mountain backdrops with stunning River Rh\u00F4ne vistas, Mandarin Oriental, Geneva is a five-star hotel with classic Swiss charm.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/geneva-exterior-1", "Link": "/es-es/geneva/rhone-river" }, { "Latitude": "41.057261983", "Longitude": "29.035396393", "Title": "Istanbul", "Description": "Positioned along the glimmering shoreline where East and West collide, Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus, Istanbul captures the magic of the world\u0027s pan-continental city. Spectacular service, contemporary design and natural beauty define a new destination for locals and visitors alike.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/istanbul-hotel-exterior-seaview-aug21", "Link": "/es-es/istanbul/bosphorus" }, { "Latitude": "45.843283000", "Longitude": "9.105049000", "Title": "Lake Como", "Description": "Mandarin Oriental, Lago di Como is a sanctuary of calm, nestled on the sunny forest shores of Lake Como. ", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/lake-como-hotel-exterior-01", "Link": "/es-es/lake-como/blevio" }, { "Latitude": "51.502083000", "Longitude": "-0.159996000", "Title": "London - Hyde Park", "Description": "One of London\u0027s most celebrated five-star hotels, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park exudes an enticing mix of elegance and luxury. With world-famous restaurants and a stunning spa, we offer a fashionable and timeless base in the centre of the British capital.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/london-2015-hotel-exterior", "Link": "/es-es/london/hyde-park" }, { "Latitude": "51.513480000", "Longitude": "-0.144110000", "Title": "London \u2013 Mayfair (apertura: primavera de 2023)", "Description": "Mandarin Oriental Mayfair, London, que abri\u00F3 en oto\u00F1o de 2022, es el \u00FAltimo hotel en incorporarse a la aclamada colecci\u00F3n de propiedades galardonadas del Grupo, y ofrece un toque \u00FAnico de lujo urbano en pleno centro de Londres. El hotel, situado en la recientemente renovada Hanover Square, la plaza m\u00E1s antigua de Mayfair, brindar\u00E1 a los hu\u00E9spedes un refugio de calma y discreci\u00F3n y tambi\u00E9n un ambiente moderno y din\u00E1mico en sus espacios p\u00FAblicos. Es precisamente en estos espacios en los que la comunidad de Mayfair, que es un punto de encuentro para la moda, los medios de comunicaci\u00F3n, el arte y los negocios, se reunir\u00E1 para experimentar el legendario servicio de la marca.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/mayfair-rendering-exterior-full", "Link": "/es-es/london/mayfair" }, { "Latitude": "47.055200000", "Longitude": "8.319800000", "Title": "Lucerna", "Description": "Con una ubicaci\u00F3n ideal a orillas del lago de Lucerna y con impresionantes vistas de los Alpes suizos, Mandarin Oriental Palace, Luzern es la encarnaci\u00F3n de la serenidad y ofrece un refinado sentido del lujo contempor\u00E1neo, con 136\u00A0habitaciones, incluidas 48\u00A0suites decoradas con mucho gusto.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/luzern-outside-shot", "Link": "/es-es/luzern/palace" }, { "Latitude": "40.415361000", "Longitude": "-3.692758000", "Title": "Madrid", "Description": "An iconic landmark in the heart of Madrid\u2019s \u2018Golden Triangle\u2019 Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid combines high style and charm with legendary service.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/hotelritz-sky-tower-goya", "Link": "/es-es/madrid/hotel-ritz" }, { "Latitude": "45.469479000", "Longitude": "9.191068000", "Title": "Milan", "Description": "Fusing Milanese design with timeless Oriental luxury, Mandarin Oriental, Milan lies in the heart of Italy\u2019s most fashionable city. Occupying four elegant 18th century buildings steps away from La Scala, the hotel offers the perfect combination of comfort, elegance and style.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/milan-fine-dining-seta-courtyard-01", "Link": "/es-es/milan/la-scala" }, { "Latitude": "48.137148000", "Longitude": "11.580885000", "Title": "Munich", "Description": "A five-star hotel in the heart of the Old Town, Mandarin Oriental, Munich is a luxury retreat with timeless appeal. Offering an enticing blend of luxury, comfort and style, our extensive facilities, excellent service and beautiful rooms can\u2019t fail to delight.", "Image": null, "Link": "/es-es/munich/altstadt" }, { "Latitude": "48.867100000", "Longitude": "2.327158000", "Title": "Paris", "Description": "Situated on Rue Saint-Honor\u00E9 and just steps from Place Vend\u00F4me, Mandarin Oriental, Paris is defined by its beautiful interiors, acclaimed dining by Thierry Marx, a boutique spa and legendary five-star service. The hotel has been awarded the revered \u2018Palace\u2019 status, and is therefore officially recognised as one of the ten most exclusive hotels in the French capital.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/paris-view-3", "Link": "/es-es/paris/place-vendome" }, { "Latitude": "50.085378000", "Longitude": "14.405401000", "Title": "Prague", "Description": "Ideally located amidst the palaces and gardens of Prague\u0027s historic Mal\u00E1 Strana district, Mandarin Oriental, Prague is only a few steps from the city\u0027s most desirable sights such as the iconic Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/prague-15-suite-presidential-terrace-day-02", "Link": "/es-es/prague/mala-strana" }, { "Latitude": "24.466667000", "Longitude": "54.366669000", "Title": "Abu Dhabi", "Description": "Explore and roam through Abu Dhabi\u2019s traditional souks and the Heritage Village, visit one of the largest Mosques in the world or enjoy a fragrant Arabic coffee while savouring a shisha, bash the dunes on a thrilling desert safari, or dive into staggering marine life.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/epauh-exterior-night-view", "Link": "/es-es/abu-dhabi/emirates-palace" }, { "Latitude": "25.286095000", "Longitude": "51.525879000", "Title": "Doha", "Description": "Mandarin Oriental, Doha is an intimate and stylish urban retreat located in the heart of Msheireb Downtown Doha, the new lifestyle and cultural hub of the city and Qatar. Blending chic, contemporary design with touches of Qatari heritage, our hotel brings new levels of luxury to Doha.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/doha-hotel-exterior-01", "Link": "/es-es/doha/msheireb" }, { "Latitude": "25.217673000", "Longitude": "55.251285000", "Title": "Dubai", "Description": "Overlooking both the pristine waters of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai\u2019s glittering skyline, Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah, Dubai is a stunning beachfront resort with an enviable Jumeirah Beach setting.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/dubai-fine-dining-tasca-terrace", "Link": "/es-es/dubai/jumeira-beach" }, { "Latitude": "31.606827000", "Longitude": "-7.953793000", "Title": "Marrakech", "Description": "Lying in 20 hectares of fragrant gardens and olive groves, Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech is a five-star luxury resort only minutes from the city centre. With excellent facilities and world-class dining, we offer the ultimate Moroccan escape.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/marrakech-hotel-exterior-day-02", "Link": "/es-es/marrakech/la-medina" }, { "Latitude": "24.774265000", "Longitude": "46.738586000", "Title": "Riyadh", "Description": "Al Faisaliah Hotel is conveniently located on Olaya Street near King Fahad Road, within a world-class retail and entertainment complex that includes the lavish Al Faisaliah Mall.", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/riyadh-north-wing-exterior", "Link": "/es-es/riyadh/olaya" } ]
{ "ApiKey": "AIzaSyDG-eIrJgF9JVq_QM_W520BV1uhEUe0EW0", "Latitude": "48.8668814", "Longitude": "2.324969", "MapPin": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/pin?fmt=png-alpha\u0026bgColor=0%2C0%2C0%2C0", "MapPinActive": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/pin?fmt=png-alpha\u0026bgColor=0%2C0%2C0%2C0", "CtaButtonTitle": "", "ZoomLevel": "2.5", "MapType": "default-map" }