The Aubrey

The Aubrey

An eccentric izakaya experience

The Aubrey is a home-away-from-home for local London and global guests alike that offers an eccentric Japanese izakaya experience. Drinks lie at the heart of this izakaya, with Bar Director Pietro Rizzo’s carefully crafted signature and seasonal cocktails being served alongside Japanese dishes.


The Aubrey takes you on an adventure of innovative cocktails, Japanese flavours and Asian ingredients. It is here that you can experience the energy of a night out in Ginza through exceptional drinks offered at its distinctive bar, and London’s first ever omakase cocktail experience. An outstanding interpretation of traditional izakaya dishes are served nightly and at the free-flowing weekend brunches. Live DJs perform late into the night on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and at weekend brunch service, adding to the vibrant setting.

  • Bar
    De lunes a miércoles de 16:00 a 00:00; de jueves a sábado de 16:00 a 1:00
  • The Omakase Bar
    De 19:30 a 21:30 (de miércoles a viernes)
  • Cena
    De lunes a miércoles de 17:00 a 22:30; de jueves a sábado de 17:00 a 23:30
  • Brunch de fin de semana
    De 11:30 a 15:30 (sábados y domingos)
  • Música con DJ en directo
    De jueves a sábado de 21:00 a 1:00; sábados y domingos de 12:00 a 16:00
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