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Steven Bartlett: CEO and Founder of Social Chain

I'm a fan of...


My home is in Williamsburg and I love everything about it. The vibe, the food, the people - Williamsburg is one of my favourite places in the world.

Lost Connections by Johann Hari

I truly believe that books will change your life, and Lost Connections by Johann Hari is one that changed mine.

Jet Lag Cure

I spend 70% of my life on planes, and the Jet Lag Cure treatment at the Mandarin Oriental, New York’s spa is something I look forward to immensely.

Kanye West’s Album: The Life of Pablo

I have an amazing piece of artwork painted by Ryan Isaac in my loft of the night I went to see him live on the album tour, and even named my French bulldog ‘Pablo’ after it.

Sarah Bahbah

Sarah is an artist who I met and interviewed for my podcast, The Diary of a CEO. Her innovative style is captivating; she’s a very inspiring woman.

Yakiniku Futago

Yakiniku, in Japanese, literally means to barbecue. Yakiniku Futago in Flatiron is one of my favourite restaurants in NYC. It’s Japanese BBQ and does amazing Wagyu beef.

BXR Gym, London

I boxed for several years and love to visit BXR London when I’m in town. Boxing is a sport about precision and discipline, two of the core skills I apply to my business.

Super 73 Electric Motorbike

I’ve been making a real conscious effort to do my bit for the environment, and my first port of call was swapping my car for an electric bike. I drive it everywhere.