Intelligent Movement

Created in collaboration with Hong Kong based Joint Dynamics, this ground-breaking new treatment and training approach assists guests to improve their capacity for quality movement hindered by a modern lifestyle and is available in all of our spas.

Intelligent Movement looks to support guests whose posture and mobility is compromised by a tech-driven lifestyle that leads to a head-forward posture, internally rotated shoulders, anterior pelvic tilt, tight hamstrings, etc. Treatments include: trigger point release work, deep muscle manipulation, and stretching and elongation of the muscles, all designed to soften, release tension, and aid in increased mobility in the body.


Prior to the treatment, guests will have a choice between two Mandarin Oriental signature oils. The first, Awaken, represents the element of Wood in Traditional Chinese Medicine and embodies fresh, green growth and the beginning of a new cycle. Combining neroli and lavender to relieve mental tension, and mandarin and grapefruit for a gentle energy boost, the oils aids in calming the mind and aiding relaxation. The second, Release, represents the element of metal in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its clearing quality inspires this uplifting blend of sacred frankincense, clary sage and eucalyptus. Ideal to relax the muscles and protect from flu symptoms and boost the immunity.


After the treatment guests receive a tip card so they may continue the program at home with mobility exercises for both the upper and lower body to help combat postural issues and improve mobility..   


As part of this Intelligent Movement program we have also partnered with Hyperice, U.S. based innovator in movement and sports performance technologies, to provide therapeutic massage tools to both therapists and fitness trainers for their use on guests to assist with muscle manipulation, opening of joints, and preparing the body for the effects of the treatment. These massage tools are available for retail in a selection of our spas.


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Homecare Exercises

Intelligent Movement Programmes at Mandarin Oriental

Our Spas at Mandarin Oriental are offering a variety of movement activities in support of our new Intelligent Movement Programmes including: