Mandarin Oriental celebrity fan, Vanessa Mae.

Vanessa Mae

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Violinist Vanessa Mae is the youngest player to have recorded both Beethoven and Tchaikovsky concertos, aged thirteen. Vanessa released her first album The Violin Player when she was 17 and has since gone on to sell millions of albums worldwide.


Vanessa has performed at countless concerts and ceremonies including the 2002 Winter Paralympics and appeared on Janet Jackson’s double platinum album The Velvet Rope.


Vanessa is a fan of the "impeccable service" and the "beautiful spas" at Mandarin Oriental as they help her to relax when on tour around the world.


Vanessa’s charity of choice is the RSPCA.


Photographed and filmed by award-winning photographer Mary McCartney.

In Her Own Words

"I am a fan of the Mandarin Oriental because of the impeccable service and beautiful spas."

– Vanessa Mae