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Singapore: the world’s hottest dining?


The island-state’s food scene has become one of the most progressive and thrilling in the world. Daven Wu dives in.


Singapore has always had a healthy appetite. Fed by a diaspora of migrants – first from India, China, Malaya and the Indonesian archipelago during the British colonial era, and in recent years from Europe and the Americas – the island-state’s culinary landscape is an unrivalled canvas of flavours.


What I find especially exciting right now is the arrival of a new generation of chefs. These innovators are fusing the cultural cookbooks of Asia with the experience and Western techniques gained from stints in high-achieving kitchens abroad to create complex, elevated versions of familiar Singapore dishes.

In Singapore, the traditional greeting is 'Have you eaten?'. Looking out at the glittering lights and silvery skyscrapers strewn like a diamond necklace around Marina Bay and thinking of all the amazing restaurants still to be visited, I realised that the answer may very well be, 'Yes, but I’m nowhere near done yet.'


The restaurant addresses:


Seroja, 7 Duo Galleria, Fraser Street, Singapore;


Ki-Su, 60 Tras Street, Singapore;


Air, 25B Dempsey Road, Singapore;


Roia Singapore, 1 Cluny Road, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore;


Jiak Kim House, 5 Jiak Kim Street, Singapore;


Cherry Garden & Dolce Vita, Mandarin Oriental, Singapore, 5 Raffles Avenue, Singapore;

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