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How to spend your time well

Now we know experiences are better than material goods for happiness, the question becomes: what experiences should you spend your time and money on? Science has the answer
The device you’re reading this on is an incredible piece of technology. But it wasn’t designed to make you happy
Just as science has shown that some foods are bad for your health, and others are good for you, so scientists have found that some ways of spending your time are bad for your wellbeing – and some lead to happiness, health, resilience and success. In the course of researching my most recent book, I found that the best advice boils down to seven principles, as evidenced by robust research by social scientists at the world’s leading universities. They are easy to remember, as together they spell ‘STORIES’.

To find out more about the STORIES principles, read James Wallman’s book, Time and How to Spend It


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