A guest meditating in the spa at Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou

Six ways to switch off and relax


From virtual gallery-going and art therapy to our Silent Night spa series, here’s how to relax and unwind this holiday season

With the New Year in view, now’s the time to take stock of what’s worked in our daily routines and make tweaks where unhealthy habits might have formed. The negative impact of smartphones, as well as the expectation to be constantly available, has been well documented, limiting our attentions spans and our ability to be present. Now, more than ever, it’s important to tune out the world and reset every so often, which is why on the second Wednesday in December after 5pm, The Spas at Mandarin Oriental have launched their Silent Night event, an evening of contemplative calm, without chatter or spa music, amidst the frenetic (and noisy) holiday season, alongside themed activities such as reiki and Ayurvedic massage throughout the month.


Here, we reveal six ways that you can soothe your mind, boost wellbeing and find a fresh perspective ahead of 2023.