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The eco experts’ guide to travelling more sustainably

Our roster of environmental gurus gives us the inside track on planet-friendly pursuits.

Pack a lighter suitcase

Every kilo counts on a flight. While we might have a 25kg allowance, it doesn’t mean we have to use it. Packing as lightly as possible reduces the overall weight of the plane, which then uses less fuel. It may mean leaving behind that fourth suit/dress/pair of shoes that you’re taking ‘just in case’, but if everyone packed a little lighter it could make a big difference.

Henry Comyn, co-founder,

Support local wildlife experts

Teaming up with an expert local guide is the way to have the ultimate animal encounter. There’s just no substitute for time in the field but, more than that, the money you spend with local people can help protect the wildlife you love. Wherever animals are worth more alive than dead, it’s easier to prevent threats like poaching and deforestation.

Catherine Capon, naturalist,

Waste not, want not

Food waste is a global problem, and upcycling leftovers is an incredible way to engage in a more sustainable lifestyle. For instance, after rustling up a green juice, I’ll blend the food pulp with a cup of cashew nuts, spinach, salt, pepper and lime to make a jar of pesto.

Isaias Hernandez, environmental educator,

Be better informed

Engage with a great climate change podcast, such as Hot Take, listen to James Wildman’s 101 Reasons to Go Vegan and watch True Cost, a documentary that changed my life. Finally, read Home is Always Worth It by Mary Annaïse Heglar: a reminder of what’s worth saving.

Mikaela Loach, climate justice activist, @mikaelaloach

Ask more questions

Making the right choices while travelling can feel tricky. It’s worth asking businesses directly about their commitments – how they reduce their environmental impact or protect local nature. You quickly realise whether a hotel, restaurant or tour operator can show a genuine commitment to sustainability.

Holly Tuppen, author of Sustainable Travel,

Naturally better

Mandarin Oriental is committed to sustainable change, including eliminating all single-use plastics and much more. Discover the hotel initiatives that are dedicated to making a difference.