Savoy Brasserie & Bar

Savoy Brasserie & Bar

The Savoy Brasserie & Bar is a lively French-inspired haven in the heart of Zurich. Savour all-day dining, signature cocktails and a sophisticated ambience in this chic restaurant.

Immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of Savoy Brasserie & Bar, an elegant French-inspired restaurant in the heart of Zurich. Offering authentic all-day dining and signature cocktails, the enticing menu blends refined French flavours with local Swiss influences to delicious effect.

With a lively atmosphere inspired by the glamour of the Gatsby era, Savoy Brasserie & Bar fuses modernity with timeless opulent allure. A place where culinary artistry meets elegant ambience, you are invited to indulge your senses through the wonderful flavours, extensive wine list and stunning surroundings. The artwork chosen specifically for Savoy Brasserie, including work by German artist Angela Glajcar, offers a visual symphony to enhance your visit, elevating it to a multi-sensory experience designed to stimulate conversation and ignite the imagination.

In summer, make time to visit the stunning outdoor terrace, where you can enjoy dining and drinks al fresco.

  • Hours
    • 10:30am - 10pm

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