Luxury meets Environmental Awareness at Mandarin Oriental, Paris

Since opening in 2011, Mandarin Oriental, Paris has been recognised as an eco-responsible hotel and is the first hotel in France to obtain the High Quality Environment certification (HQE). Recognition as an eco-responsible HQE building, enables the property to save 20 to 30% in energy consumption when compared to a non HQE building. The entire day-to-day running of the hotel is organised around this goal.

With the backing of the hotel’s management team, Mandarin Oriental, Paris manages to marry luxury and environmental concerns. As an example, the inner garden has approximately a hundred different trees and shrubs that are watered by an environmentally friendly drip system, a specific internal air filter system assures good air quality and soundproofed windows help to control the internal air temperature.

Mandarin Oriental, Paris also aims to help protect biodiversity by hosting up to 100,000 bees. To help restore the decreasing bee population, the hotel has installed two rooftop beehives with the assistance of a local organisation. Bees are an important part of the pollination cycle and often thrive in urban environments such as Paris, which has been a pesticide free-zone for the past ten years. Indeed, the hotel’s annual harvest yielded about 30 kg of honey, which Executive Chef Thierry Marx is using in the hotel’s recipes. Bar 8 also offers signature cocktails made of honey. Guests who wish to participate in the hotel’s environmental programmeme, such as the selective replacement of bed linens or towels, also receive a jar of honey produced from the rooftop hive as a gesture of appreciation.

In 2016, Mandarin Oriental, Paris has unveiled its new rooftop vegetable garden. Perched atop the city’s most fashionable district, the garden contributes to the existing year-round supply of fresh, organic produce for guests to enjoy.

By sowing the new vegetable garden, the hotel reinforces its commitment to environmental responsibility. Executive Chef, Thierry Marx, will use the garden’s produce as seasonings and herbal tea infusions at Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx. Ten types of fresh mint, plus other herbs, including thyme, rosemary, sage and fennel, will be grown in the garden, alongside vegetables, such as courgettes, tomatoes, celery and onions.