Respect for the individual forms the cornerstone of our spa experience. Personalised to your needs, our treatments include a range of relaxing body and facial therapies


A 10% service charge will be added for each service on your final bill. 20% VAT is already included in all of our prices.

Relax and revive, from head to toe

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1 hour 50 minutes

Detox & Revive

  • Price
    CZK 6,100

A trilogy of body brushing, exfoliation and mud mask to stimulate your lymph, remove dead skin cells while re-mineralizing the skin. This enables the application of the Revive Body gel, Revive Body oil and Revive Body lotion to penetrate efficiently into the body, resulting in a deeply recharged mind and re-energized body.

1 hour 20 minutes

Oriental Essence

    CZK 4,300

Using custom-blended Oriental oils and movements inspired by traditional Oriental therapies, this tension-relieving massage treats the whole body and focuses on the traditional stress-holding areas of the back, neck and shoulders.

1 hour 50 minutes

Linden Embrace

    CZK 6,100

This wonderful treatment is inspired by the linden tree, the national tree of the Czech Republic.  The leaves are heart-shaped, thus signifying love and the state of being in love. The Linden scrub and subsequent massage with hot linden poultices are a soothing journey into complete relaxation. Unforgettable moments are enhanced with the scent of chamomile oil.


1 hour

Cleansing for Men

  • Price
    CZK 3,700

A treatment suitable for all skin types, particularly dull skin looking for a deep cleanse. A brightening facial that will leave skin looking clean, luminous and deeply hydrated with rich, invigorating essential oils and botanical extracts. To complement the relaxing properties of this treatment, a relaxing scalp massage is also performed, leaving you with a calm and comforted state of mind.

1 hour 30 minutes

Linda Meredith Haute Couture

  • prices
    CZK 5,700

Our therapist will thoroughly assess your skin and select a unique combination of products for immediate improvement. This can be enhanced with a regenerating collagen mask, or with a reviving V-TOX or a powerful infusion of oxygen to plump and even out skin tone and reduce fine lines.

Additions to treatment

  • Youthful Oxygen ~ 30 minutes ~ CZK 2,100
  • Revive V-TOX Oxygen ~ 30 minutes ~ CZK 2,100
  • Regenerating Collagen Sheet ~ 30 minutes ~ CZK 2,100
1 hour / 1 hour 30 minutes


  • prices
    CZK 4,100 / 5,700

Beginning with a deep galvanic cleanse or an enzymatic peel followed by epidermis stimulation and lymphatic drainage. Your therapists will consult on the best facial for your needs. These treatments lift, tone, plump or cleanse the skin using microcurrent.

Finishing Touches

1 hour 30 minutes

Tandem Manicure & Pedicure

  • Price
    CZK 7,600

Use your time wisely and enjoy complete manicure and pedicure altogether. Let two therapists take care of your hands and feet simultaneously. On availability.


3 hours

Maternity Bliss

  • Price
    CZK 7,700

During this special time in your life, allow our therapist to pamper you and prepare you for the arrival of your little wonder.

  • Welcoming Foot Ritual
  • Mum-to-Be
  • Bespoke Facial
  • Spa Bento Box Meal
2 hours 20 minutes

Prague Symphony

  • Price
    CZK 15,400 for two people

The tranquil sound of classical music will help to melt any tension and bring balance to your wellbeing. Harmonize together in your private Steam Shower. A soothing foot ritual will warm your senses and create awareness of mind and spirit. This holistic treatment for two uses local natural ingredients to cleanse and hydrate the skin, massage away any tension and re-energize the soul.

3 hours 50 minutes

Oriental Indulgence

    CZK 11,000

Immerse yourself in this holistic experience that will uplift your mind, energize your body and replenish your skin.

  • Welcoming Foot Ritual
  • Tian Quan Therapy
  • Oriental Essence Massage
  • Bespoke Facial
  • Spa Bento Box Meal

Essential Traveller

50 minutes

Oriental Foot Therapy

  • Price
    CZK 3,200

In Oriental philosophy, the feet are considered a mirror for the systems and functions of the body. Relax with this traditional treatment which begins with a fragrant foot bath followed by a skillful exfoliation and massage to smoothen the feet and lower legs.

Signature Therapies

1 hour 20 minutes

Digital Wellness Escape

    CZK 4,500

Concentrating on the head, eyes, neck, shoulders, hands and feet, this restorative treatment aims to ease stresses and strains resulting from the frequent use of digital devices.

1 hour 50 minutes

Oriental Harmony

    CZK 9,700

Four hands work in perfect unison in a remarkable experience that inspires a harmony of the senses. Two therapists work together in time and movement, first providing a warm scrub that soothes the skin, and later a harmonious massage that restores balance to the body. Ideal for those suffering from jet lag.

1 hour 50 minutes / 2 hours 50 minutes

Time Rituals™

    CZK 6,100 / 8,500

Book a period of time and enjoy the most holistic experience possible, by allowing our therapists to utilize their individual talents to create and customize treatments to your unique individual needs.

Water Therapy

20 minutes

Vitality Pool

  • Price
    CZK 950

Begin any of our treatment experiences with a tranquil soak in our Vitality Pool to completely wash away stress and leave the cares of the world behind. Incorporating a number of features to enable the bather to self-administer a massage. The Vitality Pool is exclusively available to guests in the Vltava Suite.

Seasonal Exclusives