Mandarin Oriental celebrity fan, Chen Kun.
Actor, Writer, Model, Singer

Chen Kun

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Chen Kun is a classic Renaissance Man – actor, writer, model and singer - he succeeds in whichever field he chooses to enter.


As an actor, he has won the coveted Hundred Flowers and Huabiao Awards. He is also an ambassador for UNICEF, which is his chosen charity. His energies are focused on disadvantaged children in the rural areas of China.


He says “I want to work with every citizen and parent to give them the means to create a better world for their children”.


Kun is a fan of Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo and Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona, where he was photographed for our Fan Campaign.


Photographed and filmed by award-winning photographer Mary McCartney.

"What is essential is that a hotel always treats you as a friend and looks after you."

– Chen Kun