CanouanLagoon Café

Lagoon Café

A Mediterranean menu with an Atlantic Ocean view

This elegant beach house style bar and restaurant enjoys a stunning alfresco setting overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. With a menu inspired by the sea surrounding Santorini, Sardinia and Larache, Lagoon Café serves wonderful Mediterranean-influenced seafood and tapas.

icon-info Announcement All restaurants and bars rotate their schedules on a weekly basis and are open subject to seasonal demand. All offer guests the ability to charge to their suite or villa.


Menu highlights

Slow Cooked Octopus Salad 
Chili, garlic, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and olives, lemon dressing 

Pan Roasted Sea Catch 
Roasted Mediterranean vegetables, tapenade, marinated cherry tomatoes, salmoriglio 

Harissa Baked Lamb Loin in Filo Pastry 
Baba ganoush, olive potato purée, wilted greens, figs, sun dried tomato jus 

*Menus are subject to change