CanouanPatio Villas

Patio Villas

New Patio Villas are a luxurious addition at Pink Sands Club, Canouan

The Patio Villas are located near the top of the hillside overlooking the resort on the the northern part of Canouan Island overlooking Godahl Bay, facing a splendid coral lagoon and the sparkling Caribbean.
The Patio Villas offer sophisticated architecture that combines a breath-taking effect and a subtle equilibrium, drawing a fine blend between nature and structure.
Designed by a leading team of Italian architects from Milan, the international capital of style, fashion and design, the Patio Villas offer an exclusive interpretation of the luxury vacation home.
Characterized by an open patio, the Villas emerge from precise forms in natural stone, wood and glass; joined together in unique arrangements perfectly adapted to the green landscape and soft hills of Canouan.

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Contemporary style meets sophisticated

Italian Design


Seamless blending of indoor and outdoor living spaces

The exclusive Patio Villas transmit a refined atmosphere through a modern and contemporary interior. The colors and materials proposed show delicacy and progression of tones. Furthermore, two different but equally original styles of design were chosen.
One style uses bright, luminous tones capturing natural elements in the décor and in the finishing touches; the other utilizes a combination of smooth colors from warm color-coordinated components, highlighted by darker colors with touches of gold or bronze.
The choice of the finishings and accessories, some shiny and other opaque, proves essential to fuse the variety of tones.

Each of the Patio Villa maintains a private garden with a pathway and entrance

The boundaries of the different Villas are not marked by fences but simply by richer, thicker vegetation.
The gardens are protected areas, each unique in design and layout yet holding common characteristics. All are separated from the surrounding nature by a grassy area with ornamental shrubs and trees which define the areas in relation to the panoramic views of the Caribbean.
The variety of trees in each garden considers the constant trade winds of the island and maintains an effort to incorporate native, mature foliage. In this way the original vegetation of the hills is recreated while each garden maintains a unique identity.
A selection of green trees, both decorative and ornamental, lives near each patio. This produces a great effect, extending the green from the roofs and the side areas to these green trees, which then melt into the native landscape.
The natural green beauty is completed by stunning elements such as waterfalls, refreshing pergolas, fine furnishings and elegant night lighting: as with the entrance patios, each garden features the unique native tree for which the Villa is named. 

Patio VillaArchitecture

complete involvement with nature


The progressive Villa's architecture promotes complete involvement with nature through spaces protected by pergolas, feature large panoramic windows and outdoor living areas. Situated hillside, Villas are embedded in the natural environment while sea facing, creating the feeling of living in a dream.

tropical and protected space

The entrance

The entrance of each Villa begins with a sloping path leading to an open patio. In this tropical and protected space the beauty of the nature enters and is transformed first into a central living area, then a terrace, finally proceeding towards the sea facing section of the Villa.

surrounding landscape

The layout

The central living area’s high ceiling and sloping roof serve as the fulcrum of the Villa, with two bedrooms placed on opposite sides. These side rooms have varying dimensions taking full advantage of the downward slope created by the island and the interaction of each Villa with the surrounding landscape. To top it off, each Villa displays green roofs for the external spaces.

rectangular infinity pool and Jacuzzi

The Terrace

The terrace, with a rectangular infinity pool and Jacuzzi, runs parallel to the living area and blends in the panoramic view of the Caribbean’s turquoise waters with the lush green landscape. Two of the bedrooms feature a distinctive seaside view of the natural scenery while the bathrooms and kitchen reside at the back of the Villa, facing the open entry path, yet remaining green and protected, guaranteeing privacy on the hillside.

shape the natural light

Natural light

Along the front of the Villa, alternating vertical and horizontal wooden sun shades shape the natural light creating charming effects as the light filters through each room.

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