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We’ll give you all the opportunities you want to take on new challenges and grow your potential

Cultivating our future leaders

Be part of a Michelin Star restaurant team in London. Become a finance expert in Singapore. Build key accounts with the Commercial team in New York. There are many paths to becoming a leader: join our eighteen-month Rising Fans Programme and discover who you're meant to be.


You don't need any experience of working in hotels to apply, but we are looking for people who are passionate about our industry. This is an opportunity to grow with us on a lifelong learning and development journey.

Work with your dream team

Our colleagues are from all backgrounds and we each have our own passion. You might already know what yours is, or you might be yet to discover it. We give you the room to learn what motivates you and where you shine. When you're accepted on the programme, you'll start off by working as part of a team. For example, perhaps you'll be working face-to-face with our guests:

  • Discover our culture of impeccable hospitality in our rooms team.
  • Create a peaceful haven from the outside world as part of the spas team.
  • Run restaurants and bars with refinement on our food and beverage team.

Or maybe you'll be more comfortable behind the scenes:

  • Learn how to tend to a multifaceted business in finance.
  • Take care of our colleagues and keep them engaged in human resources.
  • Steer our company's future with the commercial strategy team.
  • Keep our hotels functioning smoothly with our colleagues in engineering.
  • Connect the dots across the whole company in the IT team.

You'll have room to explore and discover what really excites you. If we realise along the way that you're suited to a different path, we'll explore that with you and revisit your programme if necessary.

And nurture that choice with us

Here's what to expect from the eighteen months you'll spend as a Rising Fan:

The first twelve months are all about getting to know your hotel - and getting to know yourself. We want you to discover the right path for you.

You'll spend your first year in one hotel, experiencing it from the inside out. You'll be learning on the job, and you'll be introduced to every team in the hotel - so you get the big picture, and the fine detail.

The following 6 months, you'll step up to take on the same level of responsibility as one of our assistant managers. This gives you the chance to put everything you learned in the first year into practice - you'll be helping to manage a team and making sure everyone's working together harmoniously.

You'll be able to move to the same department in a different hotel, or switch departments in the same hotel. And you'll oversee a project of your own to cultivate your leadership skills even more.

Keep growing

The Rising Fans programme is just the beginning of a journey on which you can keep learning and developing.

At the end of the eighteen months, we want to make sure you graduate into the right job for you in one of our hotels. We'll talk to you about your experience on the programme, your strengths and passions, and where you'd like to find yourself next.

Once you're in your new role, we'll continue to support you with:

  • Regular check-ins about your goals and career path with us
  • Mentoring with senior colleagues from across the company
  • First choice of our training courses and programmes
  • A space to keep talking to and learning from your peers
Colleagues at front desk in lobby of luxury hotel, Mandarin Oriental Milan
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We’ll give you all the opportunities you want to take on new challenges and grow your potential.