Explore the National Museum of Saudi Arabia

As a crucial component of the King Abdulaziz Historical Center in Riyadh, the National Museum of Saudi Arabia was founded in 1999. Very important and impressive museum detailing the history of the Saudi monarchy, the Saudi royal family, and the establishment of the nation. Numerous antiques, manuscripts, and papers will be brought to you in chronological order. The museum includes interesting examples of Arabian and Islamic art as well as architecture. The masterpieces include Prehistoric Elephant Skeleton, huge meteor found in the Empty Quarter in Saudi Arabia desert, Rock Grafitti from Hejaz region backdate to pre-Islamic era, a copy of the rosetta stone, and examples of Madaian Salah Rock-cut tombs.

This two-hour expeience is SAR 10. If a car is requested, the price is  SAR 200 per hour. Hours and days available are dependant on the museum. 

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