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Amber Cuisine

Amber’s progressive menu showcases pure flavours, masterful techniques and chef Richard Ekkebus’s creative vision. Taking a thoughtful approach to fine dining, the new menu dispenses with dairy products, minimises refined sugar and reduces salt. Diners appreciate the flavours in their purest form. Drawing on his years of experience working across four continents, and driven by his innate sense of curiosity, Richard Ekkebus has reexamined how to best express taste. Through his considered approach, the finely constructed dishes showcase clean flavours and the freshest natural ingredients.


Last Seating / Order times: The last seating time is 15 minutes prior to the closing time. The last order time is the same as the closing time.

  • Lunch
    12 - 2pm
  • Dinner
    6 - 9pm
  • Breakfast Hour in Private Dining Room
    7:30 - 10am
  • Lunch Hour in Private Dining Room
    12 - 2pm
  • Dinner Hour in Private Dining Room
    6 - 9:30pm
  • Phone
    +852 2132 0066
  • Email
avocado lime Sicilian pistachioBitter Chocolate ˚ Smokey Bourbon Barrel ˚ Michters ˚ BuckwheatTeardrop Peas ˚ Pomelo ˚ Cuttlefish ˚ WakameAka Amadai ˚ Langoustine ˚ Lardo di Collanata ˚ Myoga ˚ Sake LeesAji ˚ Wheatgrass ˚ Celtus ˚ Kyuri ˚ Virgin Line Seed Oil

Contemporary Cuisine

Menu Highlights

Fluke ˚ Buddha Hand ˚ Shiro Soy ˚ Kyuri ˚ Honeydew ˚ Chervil ˚ Myoga ˚

Aka Uni ˚ Cauliflower ˚ Lobster ˚ Daurenki Tsar Imperial Caviar ˚

Wagyu Beef A5 Sirloin ˚ Cardoons ˚ Artichokes ˚ Enoki ˚ Potato ˚


*Please note the menu is for reference only and subject to seasonal changes