interior image of the restaurant abmer at the landmark mandarin oriental, hong kong



Innovative Indulgence

In a new chapter of culinary evolution, Culinary Director Richard Ekkebus has sharpened his focus on a modern, conscious approach to cuisine. Inspiration comes from cultures near and far; the central tenets being that the world’s best ingredients are sourced with the context of people and planet in mind, and are brought to their full potential using techniques founded in French traditions. The result is a true celebration of nature’s bounty. When nature is respected, creating an inclusive cuisine that caters to most individual dietary needs becomes par for the course.


Last seating / Order times: The last seating time is 15 minutes prior to the closing time. The last order time is the same as the closing time.

trout roelambrackpurple artichokeViolin Zucchini ˚ Avocado ˚ Coriander ˚ Jalapeño ˚ Lime ˚ Celtus ˚ Almond ˚White Asparagus ˚ Morel ˚ Ratte Potato ˚ Salted Egg Yolk ˚ Dill ˚ Extra Virgin Sunflower Oil ˚

Contemporary Cuisine

Menu Highlights

Aka Uni ˚ Cauliflower ˚ Lobster ˚ Daurenki Schrenki Caviar ˚

Milk-Fed Veal ˚ Black Winter Truffle ˚ Italian Parsley ˚ Banana Shallot ˚ Button Mushroom ˚ Fuxiang Pear ˚ Extra Virgin Hazelnut Oil ˚

Spiny Lobster ˚ Zero Celsius Winter Root Vegetable ˚ Kissabel Apple ˚ Bourbon Vanilla ˚ White Vermouth ˚ Chervil ˚ Extra Virgin Grapeseed Oil ˚


*Please note that all menus and wine lists are for reference only. The items are subject to seasonal changes and their availability.