Amber dining room setting

Presenting a progressive menu
Amber is a celebration of pure flavours, masterful techniques and a creative vision

12 - 2pm
6 - 9pm
Last Seating Time
15 min prior to the closing time
Last Order Time
equal to the closing time

Since launching in 2005, Amber has attracted global connoisseurs, drawn to the restaurant’s progressive cuisine and reverence for ingredients. Reimagined with intimate new interiors by acclaimed New York designer Adam Tihany, Amber’s bold new philosophy addresses diners’ changing tastes and expectations. Ushering in a new approach to fine dining, Chef Richard Ekkebus dispenses with artifice or gimmickry to present nuanced, nourishing flavours and dishes that are sublime in their subtlety.

Culinary Director Richard Ekkebus has forged a style of his own with intuition and passion, drawing inspiration from around the world and celebrating exquisite ingredients with finely constructed flavours and meticulous presentation. Respectful of tradition yet dedicated to innovation, this is the new culinary dialogue.

icon-info Announcement Located on the seventh floor of the hotel.
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