An unforgettable restaurant for Madrid's most iconic hotel awarded two Michelin stars.

Celebrated chef Quique Dacosta brings his unique culinary talent to Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid, at Deessa, the hotel’s signature restaurant and his inaugural offering in the Spanish capital. Located in the exquisite Alfonso XIII room, with a terrace overlooking the Ritz Garden, this setting provides the ideal backdrop for chef Dacosta’s cuisine, which knows no boundaries when it comes to taste.

The narrative at Deessa is a tale of sea and land—a gastronomic story with a beginning and perhaps an end. It unfolds through two extensive menus, Historical and Contemporary, available for both lunch and dinner, offering a unique and memorable culinary experience that has earned two Michelin stars.

Inspired by Chronos, the god of time, the "Chronos" menu lets you select from a range of exquisite dishes to create your ideal meal. This menu is as beautiful, hedonistic, and enjoyable as the complete experience that Deessa offers through its extensive menus, reminding us that even as life evolves and rushes forward, there's always time for moments of pure enjoyment.

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  • Lunch
    • 1:30 - 5pm (Wednesday - Saturday)
  • Dinner
    • 8pm - midnight (Wednesday - Saturday)
  • Closed
    • 28 July - 3 September

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