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Visiting Wellness Consultant

Our varied retreats and programmemes can assist you in your journey to complete health and wellbeing

Experience our local and international wellness specialists in varied retreats and programs which can assist you in your journey to complete health and wellbeing.

Now is the time to focus on

Restoration from the inside out


Holistic Gong Sound Therapist and Reiki Master, Anne Fong Braillard uses the power of sound and touch to restore vitality, encourage deep relaxation and promote a sense of peace and well-being.

Gong Sound Therapy is an ancient form of self-healing. This form of sound therapy promotes relaxation and rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit through the holistic vibration of sacred gongs. Proven effective to promote restful sleep, it encourages us to switch off our “fight or flight” instinct to activate our “rest and relax” mode.

Reiki therapy is widely recognised as alternative medicine in the form of hands-on energetic healing to relieve stress and promote relaxation. Channelling universal energy, Reiki healing helps to relieve stress, removes emotional blockages, and promotes relaxation and general well-being.

Anne Fong will be at The Spa from 26 to 31 October, from 10am – 10pm with exclusive workshops and healing treatments.

Reiki Healing
75 minutes, MYR 530

Gong sound Therapy
75 minutes, MYR 530 (single) / 75 minutes, MYR 850 (couple)

Reiki & Gong Combo
75 minutes, MYR 530
(30 minutes of Reiki Healing, 30 minutes of Gong Sound Therapy)

Gong Meditation & Sound Bath Workshop
26 October, 7-8pm
75 minutes, Complimentary

Active Relaxation with Gong Workshop
28 October, 11am-12pm
75 minutes, MYR 175 per person

Yin Yoga & Gong Workshop
30 October, 7-8pm
75 minutes, MYR 175 per person

For reservations or more information, contact The Spa +60 (3) 2179 8772 or mokul-spa@mohg.com.

*Slots are limited to 6 pax per workshop. Private group session with minimum of 3 people can be arranged upon request.

With a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Lena Franklin is a mindfulness-based psychotherapist that embodies the delicate merge of Eastern and Western spiritual and healing wisdom to her teachings.

Using zen practices of Buddhist meditation and the scientific teachings of psychotherapy, embark on a mindful journey of inner peace, emotional balance and a sense of wholeness.

Lena Franklin will be at The Spa from 16 to 18 November with exclusive workshops and healing treatments.

Dr Buathon Thienarrom is a renowned holistic practitioner based in Hua Hin, Thailand, who promotes harmony of body, mind and spirit by demonstrating knowledge of Taoist practice, Tibetan medicine and alternative medicine.

Her holistic treatments is a wholesome wellness journey to revive all senses to restore emotional and physical balance through sound healing, conscious breathing, physical tension release and abdominal detoxification.

Learn to relax the body, rest the mind and let go by transforming unnecessary thoughts into vitality. Connect to your inner self to revitalise your energy.

Dr Buathon will be returning to The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur from 4 to 14 January 2019.