Duomo Private Dining Room

The Duomo Private Dining Room, designed in collaboration with Atelier Fornasetti, is the ultimate expression of Milanese creativity and craftsmanship. It features bespoke furnishings and pieces sourced from the vast and stunning Fornasetti collection.

Accommodating up to eight people, the Duomo Private Dining Room is available for food and wine tastings, and exclusive bespoke events.

Fornasetti Décor and Furnishings

The dining room name recalls the charming Duomo Sommerso panel located in the centre of the right-hand wall. The decorative piece, which is one of ten copies created by Piero Fornasetti in 1951 as a folding screen, features the symbol of Milan – the Duomo – underwater, with myriad fish of various shapes and colours swimming around the cathedral. The boundaries between reality and illusion are blurred, creating a surreal dreamlike image that reflects Fornasetti’s genius and creative flair.

Adorning the wall space by this intriguing panel is a selection of plates from the Cupole d’Italia series, which further adds to the rich Fornasetti-inspired décor. Created by the designer in 1979, Cupole d’Italia is a tribute to Italian and Milanese architecture.

The marine theme continues in the two corner cupboards, decorated with the iconic face of soprano Lina Cavalieri, the ‘most beautiful woman in the world’ who hugely inspired Fornasetti’s work. Decorative lines on Lina’s face create an innovative version of an imaginary atlas illustrated with marine life such as madrepora, algae, sardines and shells. Piero found inspiration for the piece at the end of the ’40s, further developing the design in the ’50s.

The dining room ceiling, which features a delicate motif that mimics the clouds, enhances the room’s dreamlike and soothing atmosphere. The Nuvolette wallpaper was inspired by an antique print that once hung opposite Piero Fornasetti’s bed. Barnaba Fornasetti, son of Piero and current artistic director of the Atelier, subsequently developed and reproduced the design on wallpaper, creating one of the most well-known and much-loved patterns in the world of Fornasetti.