Mandarin Penthouse Floor terrace
Mandarin Penthouse Floor living room
Mandarin Penthouse Floor bed
Mandarin Penthouse Floor spa bed

Mandarin Penthouse Floor

|407sqm / 4381sqf|Eiffel Tower/Garden/Opéra House/Monuments views

A three-bed suite with three bathrooms, two terraces, kitchen and gym.

Located on the hotel's highest floor, this three-bedroom split-level suite combines our Royale Mandarin and Panoramic suites. Accommodation includes two terraces, three bathrooms, a gym, living room, dining room, kitchen and bar.

Offering a truly unique experience, this wonderful suite enjoys the luxurious feel of a private penthouse and exclusive access to a private lift within the Royale Mandarin suite. Beautifully designed using an elegant palette of gold, white and plum accented with touches of marble, velvet and silk, the suite’s stunning features include a selection of bespoke artwork, a staircase fashioned from guilloche metal and a private gym.