the bay by chef fei interior

The Bay by Chef Fei


An Exquisite Homage to Cantonese Cuisine

Lovers of Cantonese food are in for a gourmet treat at this fine-dining restaurant, where renowned Michelin-starred Chef Fei elevates the cuisine to new levels.

Already known for his innovative approach, bringing a refined contemporary touch to classic dishes, Chef Fei’s latest project is his most ambitious to date. Every element of this upscale restaurant is stylish and sophisticated, in line with the elegant food. Chef Fei is known for uncompromising insistence on the finest, and freshest, produce, which he then crafts into exquisite dishes, with delicate and precise techniques.

Taking Cantonese food to new levels has been Chef Fei’s life’s work and with this restaurant, he has reached new pinnacles of culinary excellence, drawing on decades of experience.

private dining room

Fusion of Cantonese & Chaozhou style food

Menu Highlights

Baked Australian Abalone

Crispy Fried Chicken, Flaxseed

Double-Boiled Fish Maw Soup, Coconut

Pan-Fried Australian Rib-Eye, Crispy Garlic, Chili Pepper Sauce