Designed as a haven of complete serenity, our highly acclaimed spa offers a wide range of holistic treatments and therapies

Relax and revive, from head to toe

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1 hour 30 minutes

Oriental Essence

    EUR 190

Using custom-blended oriental oils and movements inspired by traditional oriental therapies, this tension-busting massage treats the whole body. Focuses on the traditional stress-holding areas of the back, neck and shoulders.


2 hours

Oriental Qi

    EUR 250

A simple, effective and authentic spa experience. This relaxing, hands-on body massage ritual, works on the energy of the meridians’ using the benefits of essential oils.

1 hour 50 minutes

Inner Strength

    EUR 250

Using a blend of healing and balancing aromatherapy oils, this nurturing treatment uses massage to ease physical tension and emotional anxiety resulting from a traumatic experience or stressful time in one’s life.  

1 hour

Digital Wellness Escape

    EUR 140

Concentrating on the head, eyes, neck, shoulders, hands and feet, this restorative treatment aims to ease stresses and strains resulting from the frequent use of digital devices.


50 minutes

Youthful Oxygen

  • Price
    EUR 125

Taking the oxygen facial to the next level of anti-ageing, this natural alternative to botox uses the advantage of VTOX, a unique botanical fusion specifically designed to relax and soften fine lines and wrinkles. For the best results this facial can be combined with the Couture Facial. A course of 6 treatments is recommended

1 hour

Couture Facial

    EUR 150

Our therapist will thoroughly assess your skin and select a unique combination of products for an immediate improvement. This will be completed with a regenerating collagen mask or a powerful infusion of oxygen to plump, even skin tone and reduce fine lines. Additions to treatment:

  • Youthful Oxygen 15 minutes EUR 30
  • Revive Oxygen 15 minutes EUR 30
  • Regenerating Collagen 15 minutes EUR 30
1 hour 30 minutes

Glacial White Caviar Facial Miriam Quevedo

    EUR 180

Discover the exceptional experience of Bio-Stimulating, anti-ageing manoeuvres paired with advanced skincare for an extraordinarily rejuvenated complexion. Excellent for skin rejuvenation, it improves the state of the dermal structure, increases elasticity and defines facial contours.

30 minutes

Oxygen or Collagen Facial

    EUR 105

Oxygen and collagen facials are essential for skin regeneration. This treatment is highly recommendable to maximize results in between facial treatments. For best results we recommend series of six or twelve treatments.


2 hours 20 minutes

Urban Escape

  • Price
    EUR 305

Awaken your body and spirit with a pick me up experience that will rejuvenate all your senses.

  • Quintessence Body Scrub
  • Oriental Essence Massage
  • Customized Holistic Facial

Suite Experiences

2 hours 40 minutes

Suite Time for Two

    EUR 590

The luxury surroundings our Mandarin Oriental Suites allows couples to relax together. Guests are encouraged to sink into a fragranced vitality tub, and enjoy our oriental herbal steam, before indulging in Mandarin Orientals signature TIME RITUAL where our expert therapists will design a treatment specifically around your needs. Your treatment will be complete with relaxation time drinking our delicious tea and selection of seasonal fresh fruit.

Essence of Barcelona

2 hours 20 minutes

Sweet Dreams In Barcelona

  • Price
    EUR 280

A totally luxurious and relaxing trip with the Deep Relax line. The ingredients to leave the body wonderfully balanced and ready to go to sleep. A welcoming ritual for your feet, using relaxing ingredients and Calming tea, argán oil and apricot exfoliation that serves to relax and refresh your skin. A full body massage with Deep relax body oil with an energetic Tibetan bowl massage. You are finish experience with nourishing facial massage and relaxing head massage to dispel any remaining tension and promote a feeling of calm and well-being.