Dining room table view in Wanfu Room



Our chefs delight in creating special menus, allowing them to showcase their skills with both Asian and Western cuisines.

Catering events allows our skilled chefs to demonstrate their wide range of gastronomic skills – putting together tailored menus that can incorporate Asian and Western food styles.

Executive chef Mikael Robin, who has worked across the globe, including at the Ritz in Paris, oversees a team that has deep expertise in the cuisines of China, Europe, Japan, Thailand and other parts of Asia.

Drawing up novel menus is a challenge they rise to with enthusiasm, and skill, ensuring that guests have a memorable culinary experience as well as productive meetings.

Sample menus are available for perusal and our chefs are happy to amend, adapt, or create a totally new option that gives a gourmet edge to the event. Whether it is a delicate canapé, a gourmet main meal or a personalized birthday cake, the team deliver with quality and flair.