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Festive Season

Michelin Star Chef 

Mandarin Oriental, Canouan welcomes back Giancarlo Morelli, a Michelin-starred chef known in the world of haute cuisine, as well as a business owner of four restaurants in different parts of Italy.


He’s an experienced chef in leading star-rated restaurants in the United States and France. Chef Morelli has also served as a consultant for several Italian restaurant companies around the world, which later led him to embark on his own entrepreneurial path when he opened Pomiroeu in Milan, Italy.


After the opening of his first restaurant, chef Morelli was awarded a prestigious Michelin star. He continued to grow his passion by taking charge of Phi Beach, a restaurant in Sardenia, Italy. Shortly after that he opened Trattoria Trombetta in Milan and more recently BULK, a mixology bar considered to be the best in Milan.


Chef Morelli uses food as an expression of culture and identity. He believes that through food you can get a taste of the world. His ability to translate everything into the simplicity of a dish with taste, meaning, and true passion is a work of art.


We invite you to enjoy dinner by chef Morelli for an unforgettable experience, with simple yet quality fresh ingredients where he will be demonstrating his creative passion, fine palate and sophisticated taste.

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