exterior of the hotel




  • Our hotel takes great pride in its commitment to accessibility, ensuring that all guests can enjoy a comfortable and inclusive stay.
  • We strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and can effortlessly navigate through our premises.
  • With carefully designed infrastructure, convenient amenities, and a supportive team, we aim to exceed expectations and make every guest's visit exceptional.




  • We have a dedicated ramp for easy access and automatic sliding doors with motion sensors at the entrance.
  • Reserved parking spaces specifically designated for individuals with disabilities are available.
  • Guest elevators are conveniently located, providing smooth and efficient access to various areas.




  • Our accessible rooms are compliant with the Disabled Guest Regulation and feature audio and visual alert devices.
  • Emergency pull cords are available in the bathrooms of our accessible Guest Rooms.
  • Speed dial buttons in guest rooms allow access to various departments for requested services.


General Areas:


  • Accessible toilets equipped with emergency call systems are available.
  • Novikov Restaurant, Olea & The Bar, Bosphorus Lounge, and the ground floor shops offer wheelchair accessibility.
  • One of our outdoor pools and our separate prayer rooms for men and women are accessible.
  • The Fitness Centre and Spa area can be reached via elevators, which have specially designed toilets for disabled guests.


Event Areas:


  • Meclis-i Tu─čra meeting room on the ground floor is also accessible.
  • All meeting halls can be reached via dedicated elevators on the B2 floor.
  • Crystal event area and shops on the B2 floor are also accessible.
  • Bosphorus Garden event area provides accessibility.




  • Guest and colleague’s elevators are accessible, featuring touch-sensitive buttons and emergency call systems.
  • Buttons are labelled with raised numbers, letters, and Braille for visually impaired individuals.
  • Voice commands are available in all elevators.