Nature Immersion

Nature Immersion

Embark on a transformative retreat, where the soothing embrace of nature becomes your guide. This curated experience is a mindful journey that invites you to attune to the natural world, engaging your senses in a way that fosters a deep sense of connection and inner peace.


As you step into the embrace of our tranquil sanctuary, you'll immediately feel the harmonious energy of the natural surroundings enveloping you. The gentle rustling of leaves and the sweet scent of earth and foliage create a symphony of sensory delights, setting the stage for your journey of self-discovery.


Join us for this transformative experience and let the healing power of nature guide you on a journey of senses and self-discovery. Relax, be present, and allow the magic of nature to inspire your soul.


Price: SGD 188 per person
Duration: 1 hour


This experience will take place at Gardens by the Bay or Fort Canning Park. Advance reservation of 72 hours is required and is subject to availability. Transportation arrangements are available with additional charges.


Price is subject to 10% service charge and prevailing government tax.

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Request a Booking
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