Whether you wish to feel relaxed or rejuvenated, our soothing treatments will restore a sense of harmony to your body, mind and soul

Relax and revive, from head to toe

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2 hours 30 minutes

City Garden

    CNY 2,250

Luxuriate in a bath infused with refreshing kumquat and chrysanthemum poultice. Your treatment will continue with a full body envelopment in a heady aroma of natural sugarcane and mulberry, both plants contain a high level of Vitamin C and have antioxidant properties, leaving your body fresh and revitalised.  Your garden treatment will be completed with a full body massage with rose, geranium and sweet orange oil.


1 hour 30 minutes

Life Infusion Ritual

    CNY 4,900

Unprecedented ‘Youth Elixir’ that provides unparalleled skin rejuvenating effects This treatment uses the science of Skin Age Biomarkers and specific massage techniques. This intensive treatment ensures brighter, firmer and noticeably younger-looking skin.

Suite Experiences

2 hours 30 minutes

Pearl River Therapy

    CNY 2,250

Using a rich blend of finely ground pearl powder which promotes healing and enhances elasticity and luminosity, and essential oils to soften, brighten and purify the skin, your skin will start its restoration with a regenerating body exfoliation. Thereafter, your therapist will apply a pearl mask to your face to revitalise and brighten dull skin. A massage of pearl encapsulation oil follows, leaving your skin rejuvenated, bright and luminous.


6 hours 30 minutes

Body Reviving Programme

    CNY 5,000

A full programme to start you on a journey towards a new you, followed by a relaxing lunch at Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou’s renowned Ebony restaurant.

  • Fitness assessment
  • Personal training
  • Stretching session
  • Relax in Water Temple area
  • Tian Quan therapy
  • Foot Ritual
  • Legs and buttock lift
  • Intensive lift


30 minutes

Quintessence Body Scrub

    CNY 450

Mandarin Oriental’s signature Quintessence scrub has been created as a foundation for each of the five elements. This balancing essential oil blend brings the body’s energy flow into alignment. Warming ginger, uplifting mandarin and sacred frankincense come together to realign the mind and emotions, while the sea salt and sweet almond oil work together to gently smooth and rejuvenate dry or tired skin.

1 hour

Stimulating Hip and Thigh Treatment

    CNY 1,200

A highly effective, stimulating treatment to target cellulite, fluid retention and uneven skin texture. Using an invigorating exfoliation, iced mitts, a deep detoxifying massage and specialised stomach massage techniques to help cleanse and purify the colon, giving excellent results. Ideal for people concerned by the appearance of cellulite.

1 hour 30 minutes

Therapeutic Massage

    CNY 1,300

This truly effective therapeutic massage helps dissolve aches and strains. The oil is applied to the body using the therapist’s elbows and forearms in this stimulating and deeply energising massage.


1 hour 30 minutes

Anti-Pollution Facial

    CNY 1,450

City pollution, environmental stress, travel and business pressure or lack of sleep can result in dull, lifeless skin. This relaxing facial works at a deep molecular level to purify, balance and hydrate the skin.

2 hours

Jet Lag Reviver

    CNY 1,800

The treatment begins with a full body exfoliation followed by a soothing full body massage to rebalance energy levels and calm the mind leaving you completely energised.