MacauVisiting Wellness Consultants

Visiting Wellness Consultants

Our varied retreats and programmemes can assist you in your journey to complete health and wellbeing

Discover a true sense of vitality, balance and well-being as Dominique Lonchant, Pranayama Breathing Master guides you through a series of relaxing treatments at The Spa, from 20 to 29 March.

Now is the time to focus on

Restoration from the inside out

Classes and Treatments by Dominique Lonchant

Tarot Card and Mind Reading
Looking for answers about your past, present and future? Known as the “Wheel of Life”, tarot reflects the emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical phases in a human life.
45 minutes at MOP 1,280* per person
Art of Breathing

Proper breathing helps to better manage stress and may help people suffering from sleep disorders, migraines, asthma or overwork.
60 minutes at MOP 1,280* per person

Group Class: 75 minutes at MOP 580* per person   

*Bookings required before 1pm, minimum of 4 guests per session

Pranic Healing
An energy healing process where guest will be able to reach the state of deep relaxation during the treatment.
30 minutes at MOP 1,280* per person

Any combination of two treatments is priced at MOP 1,980* per person.

*Prices are subject to 10% service charge and 5% government tax