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The Residences at Mandarin Oriental offer a truly unique lifestyle with the best of both worlds; the comforts of a private home combined with the unsurpassed amenities and legendary service of Mandarin Oriental.

Legendary StoriesWhat is Delight?

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Residence Owner

Delight is Individual

“I was getting my young daughters ready for a Valentine’s Day celebration organized by the Mandarin Oriental staff for all the Residences children. I mentioned to the concierge that I love Valentine’s Day, though it’s new to me because I hadn’t grown up here. When the goodie bags for the kids were given out, imagine my surprise when the staff gave me one too! For someone else, it might not have mattered, but I was so touched by that gesture.”


Residence Owner

Delight is Thoughtful

“We were hosting a reception for the new Chancellor of a university we support. Our invited guests were all other high profile supporters of the school. When the flowers arrived that day, we were overjoyed: the Mandarin Oriental staff had coordinated the arrangements in the school colours of gold and purple. We were so pleased we took them to our second home, for another event.”

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Residence Owner

Delight is Emotional

“Our Residence is where our family creates cherished memories. Everybody’s happiness counts, and for my young children, that means being active and engaged. Recently, the Mandarin Oriental staff organized a very creative “Movie Night” just for them, right here in our apartment, complete with decorations and a concession stand with their favourite treats. The Residences team went above and beyond to make my children feel at home.”

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Residence Owner

Delight Anticipates

“When I travel, special benefits and exclusives are important to me. I was very happy to be welcomed at the Mandarin Oriental in London with upgrades and attentive amenities at the hotel, as well as a suggested list of local stores and showrooms that I would find of interest. All because our Residence Manager made sure his London colleagues knew about me in advance.”

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Daily pampering and attention

Owners of our private homes have exclusive access to Mandarin Oriental’s luxury hotel experience just moments away. With more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other hotel group in the world, renowned holistic spas and distinctive design, Mandarin Oriental provides residents with amenities that complement their lifestyle.

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An exclusive recognition programme

Owners have access to Mandarin Oriental’s Residences Elite programme. At home, experience legendary concierge service and bespoke benefits on a daily basis. Owners enjoy exceptional recognition when traveling to any Mandarin Oriental hotel around the globe, including VIP status, room upgrade, complimentary continental breakfast for two, and WiFi. Additionally, all Mandarin Oriental hotels have trained Residences Elite Ambassadors, on hand to ensure that owners receive the acknowledgment they deserve.