Seven Ways to Enrich Your Bodrum Experience

Why does Bodrum shine as the quintessential holiday destination in Turkey? Because it’s famous worldwide for its natural wonders, legendary historical sites and mesmerising tourist attractions. There are many other reasons, too: picturesque vistas, long golden beaches, crystal-clear sea, colourful nightlife and welcoming locals, not to mention some of the freshest, tastiest local seafood you can find.


As soon as you arrive in Bodrum, you’re in for a treat – whether you’re a first-timer or one of the many who have fallen in love with the region and can’t help but come back to the Turquoise Riviera at least once every summer. So, how can you make the most of your stay in this beautiful port city? Read on to find seven ideas to enrich your holiday in Bodrum.

Explore the region’s rich history

Built upon thousands of years of history, Bodrum promises a lot to discover for those interested in the region’s past. Halicarnassus – Bodrum’s ancient name – was the birthplace of Herodotus, known as “the father of history”. Founded by Dorian Greeks, it has been home to some of the greatest empires in history, including Byzantine, Roman, Ottoman and Persian.

Some must-see Bodrum historical attractions

  • Bodrum Castle – Also known as the Castle of St. Peter, this well-preserved relic carries the traces of many former civilisations; it also houses the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, with interesting finds from thousands of years of history.
  • Mausoleum at Halicarnassus – One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the tomb of King Mausolos, from whose name the word “mausoleum” was derived, is another site not to be missed. Original fragments and artifacts from the ancient tomb are well worth seeing.
  • Bodrum Antique Theatre – This 4th-century BC amphitheatre, with panoramic views of the Bodrum peninsula, boasts a capacity of 13,000 people. It is so well preserved that it is still used for hosting special events, live shows and concerts.
  • Myndos Gate – The picturesque location and fascinating remains of this monumental gate make it a popular spot. It once formed the entrance to Halicarnassus and faced the ancient city of Myndos.


And don’t forget the many other Bodrum museums and art centres. Take a short stroll, for example, to Bodrum city centre and explore this port town’s maritime history at Bodrum Maritime Museum. Or for something a bit different, visit the Zeki Müren Art Museum, which celebrates the life of a cultural icon and one of Turkey’s most influential artists at his former home.

Marvel at the natural beauty of Bodrum bays

Bodrum is surrounded by the peace and tranquility of the natural world, clothed in the most beautiful colours of the Bodrum Peninsula’s breathtaking bays.


Start with Paradise Bay – where Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum is located. Easy to get to by land or sea, Paradise Bay offers crystal-clear turquoise waters, long sandy beaches and lush pine forest. For a calm spot full of nature and abundant sea life, Aquarium Bay is hard to beat. If you prefer a more secluded experience, explore the hidden bays of Bodrum that can’t be reached by commercial boat tours: Aspat Bay and Kargac─▒k Bay are both outstanding for their breathtaking beauty and serene atmosphere.

Enjoy Bodrum boat tours

If a leisurely sail appeals to you, while soaking up the sunshine and pampering yourself with every luxury, why not take a boat tour to explore the stunning vistas of Bodrum’s bays? Some of the most beautiful bays in Bodrum are accessible by private yacht or traditional wooden ‘gulet’ tours, ideal for experiencing the hidden gems of the Bodrum peninsula. Swim at the most secluded beaches and indulge in a range of entertaining activities. Your hotel concierge will be delighted to make all the arrangements for you.


For a unique opportunity, don’t miss our Sailing to Dalyan and Kaunos. Local boats will take you from Dalyan, guide you to the Ancient City of Kaunos – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – then embark on a romantic canal cruise. Learn about the history of Kaunos while taking in the magnificent views of this ancient city.

Liven up your summer with watersports

If you’re a watersports novice or already an enthusiast, your summer holiday will be even more fun when you take to the water in Bodrum’s bays. The region is popular for a wide range of watersports, so it’s easy to find an activity to suit you. Whether it’s windsurfing, kiteboarding or paddleboarding, jet-skiing, water-skiing or scuba diving, sailing, banana boat rides or a peaceful fishing experience, there’s something for everyone to enhance the Bodrum beach experience. Call in to our hotel’s Watersports Centre to see which exciting watersports might liven up your summer holiday.

Feel the rush of extreme sports

What does “a dream holiday” mean to you? Perhaps some peace and quiet, resting in the shade of pine trees, marvelling at the endless coastline and turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, a refreshing cocktail in your hand. Or do you dream of action-packed activities to get your adrenaline going? If you’re into extreme sport, or you’d like to give it a go, there are plenty of options in Bodrum to spice up your holiday. You could try tandem sky diving and feel the excitement of a lifetime, go on a thrilling water rafting ride, or experience an off-road safari to get the most out of your Bodrum holiday.

Check out the local restaurants

The Aegean region of Turkey is famous for a lot of things, and local food is certainly one of the first that comes to mind. From local meyhanes (traditional restaurants or bars) to luxury restaurants and authentic Turkish breakfast establishments, Bodrum offers its visitors some of the best culinary experiences in the region. Make no mistake: although famous for its unparalleled seafood, Bodrum restaurants offer plenty of choice to satisfy every appetite.


Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum features some of the Peninsula’s most distinguished restaurants, such as the Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant Hakkasan Bodrum, Japanese Koruchan by Ioki featuring delicious sushi and teppanyaki, Italian-style steakhouse Atelier di Carne by Italian star butcher Dario Cecchini, as well as one of Bodrum’s most popular bars Lucca by the Sea, and many others. For your own customised private dining – in your room, on the beachfront or in a waterfront cabana – talk to our concierge team who will be delighted to make all the arrangements for you.

Fuel your creativity with an art workshop

Your summer vacation may be filled with sun, sea and good food. But if you fancy something extra, consider adding an inspirational experience to stimulate your creative side. You’ll find lots of options on the Bodrum Peninsula. For one of the best, you could join a Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum Turkish Cuisine and Ceramics Workshop. It’s ideal for discovering the wide range of flavours that are typical of the very rich Turkish cuisine, and for learning about the centuries-old art of Turkish tile and ceramic-making. You can create your very own Turkish tile as a souvenir too.

Treat yourself to exclusive experiences at Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum

Here at Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum, we offer a range of experiences for you to enjoy and to make your Bodrum holiday unique and unforgettable – from kiteboarding, boat tours, skydiving, trekking and off-road safaris, to romantic castle dinners, art workshops, spa packages and much more. Check out our exclusive experiences in Bodrum for more information on how you can enrich your holiday and make the most of your very special Mandarin Oriental experience.